Friday, June 20, 2008

Writing from the 18th Century Where there were no Blogs!!

What a shame! I haven't written a single word in my blog for five months. Sorry about that, but it turned out that this thesis work is way harder than I expected. I'm actually enjoying it very much, but it takes a very long time to read and write everything about the subject. I've been reading so much about 18th century now I think I live in that time more than I live in the 12st century!! The good thing is that I finished writing my three chapters and should be submitting the entire work in less than a month. I finally see an end for the hard work of the past two years!

Well, my visa was over by May; I was supposed to graduate then and be returning back home by early June. But I needed more time to finish my work so I requested the Fulbright to extend my visa for a longer time. And what do you know, they actually agreed to extend it till the end of August. So now I'm staying in the States till late September or until I get my diploma from the university. After that, I'm going home! I know it sounds crazy to go back right now, but I made my decision to go back a long time ago, because, I can't afford staying here on my own, I don't want to apply for asylum or anything like that because it takes a very long time and I don't know if it worths it, and I don't think I can live by myself any longer. It's not scary, but it's just so hard not having anyone to talk to and missing all events and things that happen in my family. And even though I have many friends here, it's nothing like being with your own family. So I said that's it, I'm going back, and if it's meant for me to come back here in the future then it will happen. And if not, then I'm not sad at all about leaving here.

Now I should go back to my 18th century world; I will try to tell the people there that we have blogs in the new century... maybe they will let me post more often!! :D But I should be able to post regularly by next month. I hope you will still be remembering me!

Morbido, M.A. (almost!)