Monday, September 21, 2009

A Short Come-Back Post

Happy Eid, everyone!

I know, it's been exactly a year since I last wrote here. I wasn't planning on doing this, it just happened. After I got back home I decided that I needed a long vacation from everything I ever did before: from reading, writing, researching, or even looking at books which was hard to do since they were everywhere. However, I didn't decide how long this vacation should be, I just told my family that I better get some time off after the hard work I did in the previous two years, and so I did... and without noticing, a whole year passed!

I don't have to mention that so many things happened in this year, one of them was my sister's wedding preceded by my Dad's sudden illness and back surgery (He's much better now and back to normal life)... and of course, me getting the job I worked so hard to get!

I never meant to stop blogging, I was just taking a break, especially after I noticed the lack of interesting things to write about. I felt that if I only wrote about my school things and classes then it would be too boring or that people would think I was bragging about being in graduate school. And I couldn't write about the things that were happening in Iraq because I wasn't living there and therefore felt that I didn't have the right to write about it.. And so I thought I'd better stop for a while and see what becomes of my blogging block.

But, I'm still here.. checking new posts written by others, even if I wasn't commenting.. but I'm still here, and hope that there is still some people out there checking my blog for I am coming back now!