Tuesday, June 28, 2005

This card is a little gift from uncle Khalid for my graduation!!! It's so cute, isn't it? I likes the camel so much, it looks so nice with the glasses! though I don't wear glasses but it should represent me!! lol

He said that the real gift is in the way! I wounder what it is..... Dad suggested that Micho and I go to the north with the rest of the family, the trip is going to last for five days. I don't feel like going anyway. Only five days!! it doesn't worth that much. Besides, I have plans to go to college next week to check the instructions and the requirements for the M.A. and I also have to submit my Fulbright papers soon.

I'm not using my PC right now as it doesn't work!! That guy from the net service center took it like five days ago and he didn't get it back to me till now!! But he gave me a PC to use while I get mine fixed for me. I miss it so much! I feel lst without my stuff... Everything is gone now, all my photos, songs and other stuff are gone! I didn't have the chance to transform them to a CD or Flash disk :(

And the one I'm using now is really empty!! (ya 7ram) !!!
The Spaces thing is still under construction, I'm waiting to get back my PC to start working and uploading things on the Spaces.. I just changed its theme now. Hope that some people will visit and like it..


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Gone at Last !!

I got my result today at last !! they were supposed to come out this Saturday. I PASSED. I was sure about this but I was rather worried about the marks, they didn't write the fourth year's total grade, I got 81,34 for the four years of college. I hoped to get more but this is not bad I guess. At least I got "Very Good" :)
The guests are gone at last !! I can't believe they are gone!
Al-Saegh called the day before yesterday to tell me about the results and also to tell me that she was at her aunt's home near us. She asked if I can could go out for lunch with some group. Of course I said yes! And so we went to Blue Sky the next day which was yesterday. I met her cousin's group from college of pharmacy. They are all my age but I got to school when I was only 5 years old, so I'm one grade bigger than them. They were four guys and three girls, Al-Saegh, he cousin and I. We had fun really though I met them for the first time. But they were nice.

Saegh told me to show off and to speak English as much as I can!!!! I don't know why I have to do such things! It's not me who act in this way. So I said NO. Her excuse for this statement was that they are from college of pharmacy and they show off alot and they care for appearance, so we have to show them that we speak English better than them cuz they pissed her off many times with they English!!


SO what?!

But I can say that I had real fun. At least I could escape from the two uncles for a while!!

No water, No electricity, Too hot weather to bear.... and above all, two guests staying for a long time with us!!! But poor Micho had to stay with them and be responsible for the house while I was having fun!!

Enough for now....


Sunday, June 19, 2005

Wazzap !!

Good day all...

I always ask who are those "all" lol... really don't know..

I started the new NSN Space today, the English web didn't function, so I had to start with the French one! I don't like French language that much but what to do?!

My exams results will come out next Saturday, Yipeeee I'm so excited about that. I hope that I'll get this "very good" so I can be eligeble for the Fulbright Program. Farah called me on the mobile yesterday saying that she is going to take the TOEFL Test this Wednesday, she asked for information about the test... To say the truth, I was not very happy to hear that cuz we will have to compete each other for the study program!! I don't like to compete with firends.. Oh I rememberd that I forgot my TOEFL Bulliton with the other Farah!!!! Hope that she'll bring it with her on Saturday when we'll meet at college..
I got a notification from MSN saying that my group is about to be deleted cuz it was out of function for the last 90 days!! Wow I really forgot about this group! I made for those women who get to Oprah.com cuz they asked me several times to tell them about Iraq.. No one came there ever since..
Hmmm, life after college is not that bad as I thought.. At least I'm having fun in staying online till 4 or 5 at dawn! it's kinda crazy, I know, but I enjoy doing this all the time. No one is online in my list at this time and I also don't go to chat rooms but I enjoy surfing the web, posting here and there... If I know how to hack I would do it for sure :) But I don't know how to!!!

This WAZZAP reminds me of last summer holiday when I had the surgery and when SH was here with us. WE were watching an old trailer of Scary Movie and this character showed u saying WAZZAP WAZZAP, so as a result of that we kept saying WAZZAP instead of Hell whenever we meet in family gatherings... SH is my cousin...

Enough for now, I know I don't post too much as I should do but I have to divide my time on the web!!

Later Pals....

A bientot

Saturday, June 11, 2005

It's Over!

I can't believe college is over. Yesterday was the last day for me at college. Yesterday was my last day as a student. I had a real fun yesterday with the girls when we went to Saj AlReef, and then to F's home.
I still remember everyday of those four years as if they all happened yesterday....it passed so fast that I barely noticed them! I wonder how many things happened during these years, how many people did I meet, how many useful things did I learn...how many and how many.....so many questions in my mind concerning the coming future. Will I ever get the scolarship? Will I ever be an M.A. student??! Alot of people wish to make their dreams come true, and I'm one of those people. But....

The Backstreet Boys reminds me of my school days. They broke up when I got to college, and here they are reuniting again when I'm getting out of college! How ironic. Their new song is nice but it's kind of Rock, not like their old songs at ll.

College, Oh College.... I never thought that I would cry when I finsih college, but I did it last night. Now I have to start a new life, a new mission....but everything is vague so far..... This is all black, I'm going to stop writing now.............I've never been like this before, is this the dtream of consciousness??!

Good Night

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Long Time No See !

It's been a very long time since I wrote something here! More than a month I guess. I even forgot about this blog. I've been so busy with college, lectures and the preparation for the exams... Finally I have only one exam left which will be on this Thursday. I will be considered as a graduate student from now on!! I don't see myself as anything else rather than a student ... Don't know how will I be able to cope with this!

See ya around ghosts....