Saturday, June 11, 2005

It's Over!

I can't believe college is over. Yesterday was the last day for me at college. Yesterday was my last day as a student. I had a real fun yesterday with the girls when we went to Saj AlReef, and then to F's home.
I still remember everyday of those four years as if they all happened passed so fast that I barely noticed them! I wonder how many things happened during these years, how many people did I meet, how many useful things did I many and how many questions in my mind concerning the coming future. Will I ever get the scolarship? Will I ever be an M.A. student??! Alot of people wish to make their dreams come true, and I'm one of those people. But....

The Backstreet Boys reminds me of my school days. They broke up when I got to college, and here they are reuniting again when I'm getting out of college! How ironic. Their new song is nice but it's kind of Rock, not like their old songs at ll.

College, Oh College.... I never thought that I would cry when I finsih college, but I did it last night. Now I have to start a new life, a new mission....but everything is vague so far..... This is all black, I'm going to stop writing now.............I've never been like this before, is this the dtream of consciousness??!

Good Night

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aNarki-13 said...

Hmmmm... so where did u go to?

+ i have a question:

if you use MorbidSmile as a username, how come ur page's title rings so close to sarah connor?

from "haneen" with love..

sarah CORNER = سارة الزوية