Tuesday, June 28, 2005

This card is a little gift from uncle Khalid for my graduation!!! It's so cute, isn't it? I likes the camel so much, it looks so nice with the glasses! though I don't wear glasses but it should represent me!! lol

He said that the real gift is in the way! I wounder what it is..... Dad suggested that Micho and I go to the north with the rest of the family, the trip is going to last for five days. I don't feel like going anyway. Only five days!! it doesn't worth that much. Besides, I have plans to go to college next week to check the instructions and the requirements for the M.A. and I also have to submit my Fulbright papers soon.

I'm not using my PC right now as it doesn't work!! That guy from the net service center took it like five days ago and he didn't get it back to me till now!! But he gave me a PC to use while I get mine fixed for me. I miss it so much! I feel lst without my stuff... Everything is gone now, all my photos, songs and other stuff are gone! I didn't have the chance to transform them to a CD or Flash disk :(

And the one I'm using now is really empty!! (ya 7ram) !!!
The Spaces thing is still under construction, I'm waiting to get back my PC to start working and uploading things on the Spaces.. I just changed its theme now. Hope that some people will visit and like it..


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