Thursday, August 11, 2005

A trip to Kurdistan

Hey blog, Long time no see!!

I've been so busy lately with all the post-graduation papers, the M.A. and the Fulbright application files! I submitted two application files so far and I still have this competition exam for the Master Degree next week. I didn't study anything yet!!!

The good thing is that I could go on a vacation to the north of Iraq, or to Kurdistan as they say!! Kurdish poeple refuse to say the north of Iraq, they say there is no such place! It's called Kurdistan. Dah!! Anyway, I stayed there for five days, I had so much fun that I got sick when I came back... we were six in the trip; Mom, Micho, Aunt, Shushu, Shabnem and I.. we went with this tuorisim company, the families there were nice but we couldn't make friendships with them at once untill the last day when we had this singing fight during the way to Sulaf ! It was fun. I think we took about 500 pictures there.. we went to this mall in Duhok called Mazi, they sell everything there in Dollars. And we also went to Dream City, it was coooooool and sooooo clean! I was surprised to see such a clean place in Iraq! hehe. The last day we went to Dream City again with those three girls (don't remember their names) and their brother and cousin, and the other girls whom I didn't like that much cuz they were showing off a bit ! and also this guy the company came with us as an usher, but he was having fun with us for sure. We often called him Ragab!

We came out of Dream City at 11:30 P.M. We refused to hire a taxi and we went to the hotel on feet, it took us almost one hour to get there. The weather was nice and there was electricity for sure! We played football with Pepsi cans all through the way to the hotel ! Just like monkeys escaping from the zoo!! We even stopped the cars down the streets to play in the middile of the street and to take a picture near a fountain! I swear if we did this in Baghdad people would come down off their cars to beat us and insult us!!

Sure I wouldn't put my picture here!!

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