Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Call From The Embassy

At last I got this email from the Fulbright to tell me that I had been chosen for the interview!!! Yaaaa now I'm one step forward, thanks God for this. The interview will take place at the American embassy!! freaky ha?! I might go in and never go out again! There might be some crazy suicide bomber at the Green Zone's gate!!

So this might be my last post !

The interesting thing is that I got the interview notification email three times!! And some called me from the embassy this morning to check if I got their email !!!!!!!!! WHY????

To make sure, I called one of the friends who applied for the scholarship with me to see if she is chosen for the interview or not, and if anybody called her..... She said nobody called!!

Here's what happened:

Ring Ring....Ring Ring..

Me: Hello?
U.S. embassy: Hi, is this Haneen's mobile?
Me: Yes, and I'm Haneen. Who is this?!
U.S. embassy: I'm Nada from the U.S. embassy..
Me: (BANG)!!! ......... OH ! Hi there!
U.S. embassy: Hello Haneen, you didn't check your inbox yesterday, did you?
Me: No, I checked it and I got your email, and I sent you a confirmation to tell you that I received the email, and then I got a reply from you this morning.
U.S. embassy: To whom you sent your confirmation?
Me: I sent to Alan bla bla... and I also sent it to the fulbright address.
U.S.embassy: Then maybe Alan didn't pass the email to me. Good then, we'll be waiting for you... Good bye
Me: Good bye...
!!!!!!!!!! ??????

Why they called??! Why they didn't call the other girl.? Did they call other students as well?!

They once sent me an email rushing me to submit my application file before the deadline! And they didn't send anything to my friend!

Weird, isn't it???? If there is any scholarship competition, usually nobody calls the applicants to ask them when to apply and if they got an email from the scholarship office.. But this is so weird !!!

Tell me what do you think... I'll be waiting.


Lisa, New York said...

It sounds like they really liked your application and they're anxious to interview you! :-)

I don't now. I guess that could be the reason.

Morbid Smile said...

Well, MAYBE !! Or maybe cuz I killed them with my emails and questions that they said " O.K. Bring her!! " lol

But they started emailing me before I submit my application! They asked me to submit it... And till now there are only 15 applicants who will be interviewd! Maybe there aren't many ppl who applied. But this is also impossible cuz it's the FULBRIGHT.. Hello! Who doesn't want it !

Thanks for the visit lisa,ny

wendy78syed said...

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aNarki-13 said...


how do you apply, by the way? (I dont think my Uni. is included, but anyway..)

cheers. go get 'em.