Sunday, June 19, 2005

Wazzap !!

Good day all...

I always ask who are those "all" lol... really don't know..

I started the new NSN Space today, the English web didn't function, so I had to start with the French one! I don't like French language that much but what to do?!

My exams results will come out next Saturday, Yipeeee I'm so excited about that. I hope that I'll get this "very good" so I can be eligeble for the Fulbright Program. Farah called me on the mobile yesterday saying that she is going to take the TOEFL Test this Wednesday, she asked for information about the test... To say the truth, I was not very happy to hear that cuz we will have to compete each other for the study program!! I don't like to compete with firends.. Oh I rememberd that I forgot my TOEFL Bulliton with the other Farah!!!! Hope that she'll bring it with her on Saturday when we'll meet at college..
I got a notification from MSN saying that my group is about to be deleted cuz it was out of function for the last 90 days!! Wow I really forgot about this group! I made for those women who get to cuz they asked me several times to tell them about Iraq.. No one came there ever since..
Hmmm, life after college is not that bad as I thought.. At least I'm having fun in staying online till 4 or 5 at dawn! it's kinda crazy, I know, but I enjoy doing this all the time. No one is online in my list at this time and I also don't go to chat rooms but I enjoy surfing the web, posting here and there... If I know how to hack I would do it for sure :) But I don't know how to!!!

This WAZZAP reminds me of last summer holiday when I had the surgery and when SH was here with us. WE were watching an old trailer of Scary Movie and this character showed u saying WAZZAP WAZZAP, so as a result of that we kept saying WAZZAP instead of Hell whenever we meet in family gatherings... SH is my cousin...

Enough for now, I know I don't post too much as I should do but I have to divide my time on the web!!

Later Pals....

A bientot


aNarki-13 said...


aNarki-13 said...

its like this:
don't worry too much!


i didnt understand it either, i just felt like writing "huh?" in your blog.. thasssall.