Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Gone at Last !!

I got my result today at last !! they were supposed to come out this Saturday. I PASSED. I was sure about this but I was rather worried about the marks, they didn't write the fourth year's total grade, I got 81,34 for the four years of college. I hoped to get more but this is not bad I guess. At least I got "Very Good" :)
The guests are gone at last !! I can't believe they are gone!
Al-Saegh called the day before yesterday to tell me about the results and also to tell me that she was at her aunt's home near us. She asked if I can could go out for lunch with some group. Of course I said yes! And so we went to Blue Sky the next day which was yesterday. I met her cousin's group from college of pharmacy. They are all my age but I got to school when I was only 5 years old, so I'm one grade bigger than them. They were four guys and three girls, Al-Saegh, he cousin and I. We had fun really though I met them for the first time. But they were nice.

Saegh told me to show off and to speak English as much as I can!!!! I don't know why I have to do such things! It's not me who act in this way. So I said NO. Her excuse for this statement was that they are from college of pharmacy and they show off alot and they care for appearance, so we have to show them that we speak English better than them cuz they pissed her off many times with they English!!


SO what?!

But I can say that I had real fun. At least I could escape from the two uncles for a while!!

No water, No electricity, Too hot weather to bear.... and above all, two guests staying for a long time with us!!! But poor Micho had to stay with them and be responsible for the house while I was having fun!!

Enough for now....


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aNarki-13 said...

Well, snotty Medical (and Pharmaceutical) students tend to show off on us poor engineering folks.. I usually pull their empty (أجر بوشهم) in under two minutes, I ask them about stuff they study, and correct the errors they have to make whenever they make it..

I love the sight of a full Med Student not knowing how to reply to me in english cuz he simply did not understand what I said!

Snotty @r$eholes.. pardon my french.

long time to see or hear, friend. salam to all.