Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The First Snow!

I've been checking the forecast during the past week to see when is it going to snow.. and so it did today!! I waited till it was night to go out and walk down the streets with other three friends and took photos for my first and tiny snow experience!

This is the finest view that I could get though...



Anonymous said...

It's so early in the year for snow, it probably won't stay on the ground long, if at all. If it does, make sure and ask somebody how to make snowballs :)

Original_Jeff said...

Happy Eid Morbido.

I grew up in a place where it snowed frequently in the winters, and I always liked snow. But now I live in the south part of the country and there is no snow here!

Lisa, New York said...

I think you'll see a lot more snow before the winter is over (and it's not even winter yet!!). By the end of winter, you'll be sick of the snow! ;-P

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Lisa's right Morbido. If you're up north you ain't seen nothing yet. :)

You've got to try sledding for sure. Then there's skating, skiing, snowmobiling and of course snowball fights!

The family down the street from me was from Mexico. That was one of the things their son really loved, the snow. :)

Jeffrey said...


Falling snow is beautiful and waking up in the morning after a silent snowfall during the night and peeking out through the curtains to see your neighborhood white from end to end is very nice indeed. I was born and raised in Iowa, a neighbor of Lynnette. The snow is fine -- at least before it gets mucked up with mud and dirt on the roads -- but if you're anywhere near Lynnette or my home state, it's the cold winds from the north that are hard to take.

But enjoy! Winter landscapes have their beauty just like summer ones. Again, if you're near my home state of Iowa, go out right now and buy some thermal underwear. (And GO HAWKS!)


Anonymous said...

When it's winter, you will know the definition of snow, cold, and snowball fights :-).

David said...

Wow! Those are some big snowflakes! The first picture looks like you captured a UFO. Maybe the alien visitors were as fascinated by the snow as you! ;) So, did you buy your waterproof snow boots yet? I think you will need them soon! Be careful walking around too. It can be very painful to slip on ice and fall. Enjoy your Winter Wonderland! :)

Tommy said...

I'm sure we'll be getting our share of snow here in Massachusetts soon. New England always gets hammered during the winter months! And like Lynette said...make sure you go sledding! You can't go back to Iraq without SLEDDING! That would be a tragedy! It is SO MUCH FUN!

Lynnette in Minnesota said...


One of the things I love about an overnight snowfall is the muffled sounds when you wake up. It's like being wrapped in a down comforter. :)

ac blue eagle said...

I'm not sure where you are, but you will see plenty of snow based on your pictures! You will not think it a novelty in a very, very few days!

Jeffrey said...


As a kid, on those mornings you speak of, we were up quickly jumping into our two pairs of jeans and pulling on those ski masks that only have eye-holes and out the door we went for a fun day of sledding and skating and crunching around on the snow (as soon as we finished shoveling the driveway, of course).

At a golf course just outside of my little town, there was a big hill that was kid-central in the winter. That's where we pulled our tobaggans and where we followed Tom Cruise's dictum: "I have the need for speed."


Lynnette in Minnesota said...


Yes, those golf courses have more uses than just golf! That's where we found the best hills too. Certainly better then sliding down the hill by the highway onto the road below. Which of course we would never, ever do....really.

And don't forget snow forts. You always had to build at least one when you were a kid.

Jeffrey said...


Snowforts! Thanks for reminding me. Yep, using shovels to carve out those blocks was a blast for a bunch of high-energy kids horsing around in the front- or backyard.

By the way, the movie "Field of Dreams" was filmed just outside my hometown. My aunt, who taught in a one-room schoolhouse just after graduating in education from Northwestern, used to stay in that farmhouse from the movie on days when a snowstorm swept into town unannounced.

On sticky-hot summer days, my friends and I used to skinny-dip in a creek just behind that cornfield!


Anonymous said...

Too much information Jeff.....

24 Steps to Liberty said...

how are you doing?

CharlesWT said...
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dancewater said...

good to hear from you!

Mad Canuck said...

If you really want to enjoy snow later in the year, you should see if you can try skiing. When I was growing up in Canada, winter was my favorite season - I liked it better than summer because I liked winter sports.

BintAlnajaf said...


i HATE winter never liked it...and its been snowing a bit here to (michigan)...it gets a bit bad here with snow..to much of it aint good..nice photos there


ziad_samim said...

dear haneen

i'm so happy for you enjoy every second there and most importantly terfa3een rasna ;) and i'm sure you will

Original_Jeff said...

Hey Morbido... I was just looking for a post from you :-).
What has surprised you the most about the USA? What is different from what you expected based on TV, movies, etc? Have you noticed any differences between in Iraqi and American attitudes about life, religion, family, men and women, government, economy, etc? What have you liked about America? Disliked? (shudder).

Aunt Najma said...

Ahh.. Morbido, I'm sooo jealous!!
If university takes longer to start here, I think I will have a heart attack!!

Pray for me..
Best of luck, and a decent break! Amen :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Darling and welcome to the US. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now and am so excited for you! I would love to read about your impression of the US. I know that it is loud at the University some times, but I am sure you don't miss the bombings. God bless you and watch over your family while you are with us, I know they will be fine, and I am sure they are very proud of you. I know the people who read your blog are!

Have a great time with the whole experience, and avoid the Freshman (I know you aren't one) fats!

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

er...Anonymous, I think you might have meant Freshman "frats", perhaps? ;)

aNarki-13 said...

Hello حيحو
wishing you happy thanksgiving, and may you always face your day with a smile!

come on now, dont make us worry too much, give us a post ha?


Through Gracepeace said...

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Zu-Leyla said...

Nice Photos...
We are still waiting for snowy days...
love from turkei... :)