Sunday, April 10, 2005

My Sister and I

Now it's 11:15 at night. There's only my sister and I staying up till now though we have college early in the morning tomorrow...
Today, i was supposed to have an exam in Literary Criticism, but we postponed it till next Sunday as few students could manage to come to college today cuz most of the streets were locked as usual.
I chatted with blueman today, and i waited for Attawie to come online but she didn't though I sent her a mobile message saying that I'm online ! maybe she couldn't.
I wrote a short poem in English, the professor who takes us in Poetry lecture said that if we write a poem like the ones we take in this subject, she will give us extra marks. I've always liked to write something like short poems or short stories or essays. I'd like to invent something of my own..My friends at college dn't like this at all !! this is really sad, I don't know why they hate to write essays! When I was in the second stage at college, we used to take a subject called Composition and Comprehension, we were asked to write compositions and short paragraphs on certain subjects, I liked to do that so much, i even wrote very short stories, funny and misterious ones. Unfortunately, I didin't keep the papers with me!! :(

We are preparing for the graduation party at college, we dealed to make the party at City Center Resturant, but nothing is comfirmed yet.

That's for now...

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