Thursday, April 05, 2007

OH NO!!!!

Fourteen hours left for the deadline!!

No sleep tonight.... Blame it on Andy Warhol!!


David said...

Morbido, are you writing a paper about Andy Warhol? Well, whatever your deadline is for, I wish you good luck and a good night's sleep very soon! :)

Melantrys said...

*brews you some coffee*

programmer craig said...

Andy Warhol!? That's torture :O

Morbid Smile said...

Well, he's not really a torture, it's just so hard, and what's worse is that I'm making an annotated bibliography about his art as an avant-garde. I've been reading so much about him that I dreamed that I was visiting Carnegie Mellon Institution and his museum in Pittsburgh to give a presentation about his theories in paintings!!! Although I did visit the museum in January.. it was one freaky place! :D

Well, I'm done with a half draft and just turned it today. I didn't sleep that much last night, I was afraid of dreaming of him again!! hehehehe

Gotta go back to class, the break is over.

David said...

Morbido, maybe you saw the future in your dream! Someday you may become the world's foremost expert on Andy Warhol. ;)

I thought you were studying literature, so I am surprised that you are learning about Warhol. Have you learned about any other artists?

josh said...

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Irving Washington said...

Washington Irving

Anonymous said...


Through Grace Peace said...

Our Eyes Dream Acid Tears

One land, one people, all asleep
one dream in every mind
all see words of scripture, captive
in a vise of hatred, crushed
distorted words of God, acid
tears, with screaming lips, the captor
feels the kiss of Satan
on his heart.

Jeffrey said...


Hey, we need a new blog entry! What are you doing this summer in the US? Summer classes or maybe a little traveling?


Morbid Smile said...

I swear there's a post coming! I'm just uploading the photos now but having some problems with them! Well, of course, they are over 100 picture :S

That's what happens when someone doesn't make a new post very often!!

mewmewmew said...

Hey, you did a good job on that for a first attempt! Did you figure out how to roll the big snowballs on your own, or did somebody give you pointers?

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