Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Birthday Without Mom

I miss Mom so much! She's been to Dubai for eleven days now, and will come at the end of this week. I call her everyday, and sometimes I call her more than once in a day. My birthday is on next Tuesday and she is not here. This is the first time I celebrate my birthday without Mom being with me. Next year will be the same as I will probably celebrate it alone in the U.S.

She was in a movie theatre watching King Kong when my father, sister and I called her. We turned on the loudspeaker and kept shouting the four of us! Oh, there were my aunt and cousins with us, and they shouted as well! We kinda shouted at every single word she said. I first asked her where she was, and when she replied "Watching King Kong" we all shouted! I have never been to a movie theatre before, so I can't imagine it!

Then again I reminded here that she wouldn't be here for my birthday and that I need a compensation! She said "also shouting" that she got me so many things. .... Shout, shouts.. and shouts!!.. My last shout was when she told me that Attawie called her and that they would meet this week!!! Now I really wanna be there :(

Anna Karnina in on TV now and yet I'm not watching!! Why would I watch it if the electricity will be off soon?! I will only feel sad because I won't be able to watch it till the end.. But the music of the Swan Lake in the movie is calling me to go watch it!!

So, let me tell you about what I'm reading now. The first one is GRE practice book! I have one month to the exam now and I should practice alot. I really hate this Quantative or math section, but what can I do!

The other book is fiction for sure. I first picked The Scarlet Letter to read. That was at the end of the last month, during Xmas. There is an introduction and American background to the novel which I was reading first, but I found out that the novel is kinda hard and I should read some materials about it in the same time. So, I switched to another book. It was The Bluest Eye. And again, I switched to a third book!

This time I chose a non-fiction one; it's Chicken Soup for The Women's Soul. It's one of the books I got from the U.S. in that fameous package. There are about 26 books in the package. I read three so far.

I started reading this book yesterday, and I will read one story, or maybe more, each morning with or after breakfast in order to keep thinking of it the whole day. I'll write a post about it if I could. I used to read the books (mostly novels) in bed before I go to sleep at night or before I take a nap when I get back from college. But now I don't take naps cuz I don't go to college and don't feel tired to take naps and rest, and I also can't read at night in bed anymore cuz there is no electricity and no generators.

If there is electricity at night, I will use it to get online!

I'm sorry for this disordered post, I have many things to write about but my mind is going everywhere now!

Good night


CharlesWT said...

Participate in a Field Study of the New Internet-based GRE General Test and EARN USD $115!

Original_Jeff said...

Happy Birthday to you a little bit early!
Why you never been to a movie in a theatre? Are there no theatres in Baghdad?
Certainly when you go to college you will have to go see a movie in a theatre! (And, if you are ever near an IMAX movie theatre, you MUST go see a movie. IMAX movies are shown on very large projection screens with excellent visual quality and awesome sound. I guarantee you will like it!)

I was browsing at the book store today and saw an interesting book titled "American Idioms Handbook." ISBN: 0764524771. It might be a good book for someone learning American English. It had explanations of all of our strange phrases like "I am pooped [out]" (meaning I am tired) or "I couldn't hardly sleep a wink last night." (meaning I did not sleep soundly). And hundreds of others! I wish I had a book like this when I was trying to learn Spanish.
My mom and sister like the "Chicken Soup" books--it is a whole series with numerous books in the series now. Including at least one book for men!

programmer craig said...

Wow, you have a lot of catching up to do with movie theatres, Morbido! Hopefully, this year's movies will be better than last year's movies, so you can see something really good on your first outing :)

I found this description of the GRE at the link CharlesWT left:

"The GRE® General Test measures critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning skills that have been acquired over a long period of time and that are not related to any specific field of study."

Based on your blogging and commenting, I suspect you will have no problem whatsoever with this test! I know plenty of recent college grads who have the reasoning abilty of a gnat, and they undoubtedle passed this test. You, on the oter hand, are obviously a very bright girl :)

otowi said...

Happy Birthday,
sorry you couldn't be with your mom.

cooper said...

Happy birthday. I am sorry that you couldn't be with your mom either. Keep reading, especially books for fun. With so much reading for school I can't read for fun until the summer. Take care!

Morbid Smile said...

Hello everyone,

Thanks for the link, Charleswt :)You always come out with useful links! Unfortunately, there is only Paper-Based Tests in Iraq!

Hey Jeff, thanks! No, actually there are no movie theatres in Baghdad anymore! There used to be few ones before the war but they were very old and I never went there as they mostly played "fighting" movies! Going to movie theatres is one of the things I'm looking forward to in my trip to the U.S., it probably gonna be the first thing to do! ;)

So, American Idioms Handbook? I have one titled "101 American Idioms" and another one "101 American Proverbs". They are so fun and so useful. I've been reading some of the proverbs and idioms and they are really helpful to me. So you know Spanish? I like Spanish language and had some plans to study it here in case I couldn't get the scholarship!

I read two stories from the Chicken Soup this morning. Very interesting!

Hey there, Craig! I get so excited when I hear the word "movies"! :) I'm still searching for a DVD player to watch Harry Potter! Not that there are no DVD players in Iraq, but it's because I've been lazy in my search! I won't worry when I'm in the U.S.! Thanks for the nice words! :)

Hi, Otowi, welcome to the blog and thank you! :) Mom is coming back on Wednesday!

Morbid Smile said...

Hey Cooper! How are you doing? Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday :) I'm turning 22 in two days! How fast!

Hope you will be able to have some time to read fun books as well!

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Happy Birthday to you, M.S.

I have to use initials, I just don't think "Morbid" Smile fits you! :)

ac blue eagle said...

Happy Birthday! I liked your story about everyone yelling at your mother!
Smile! No, laugh out loud!

attawie said...

Happy Birthday..
I just talked to you mom. I'll see her after I finish my work. We have two hours to enjoy our time.

About the GRE, you'll pass it inshallah.

I'm reading "Chicken soup for the soul". as I told you earlier, I'm still reading one story each night and I was inspired by many of them.

Take care

Morbid Smile said...

Thanks alot everyone!


I like yelling over the phone alot! Especially when I'm talking with friends or family about funny or exciting things. I yelled today too when I talked with Mom and Attawie! They were at a coffee shop and couldn't shout that much, but I was at home so I could! :) It's fun to do that..

Melantrys said...

Remind me to never call you up on the phone. :P ;)

Hey, it's after midnight already and almost over here.

Happy birthday!!!

Melantrys said...

*slaps herself*

Make that "... after midnight over there already..."

Brianna Flynn said...

Late comment, but -

I didn't particularly enjoy the Scarlet Letter, and it was written awhile ago, so it is a harder book to get through.

The Bluest Eye wasn't /so/ bad, though I'm not a huge Toni Morrison fan.

Try some Margaret Atwood. Find a copy of 'The Handmaid's Tale' to start - I've yet to read a book by her I havn't enjoyed and re-read.