Friday, January 06, 2006

A Salutation

Today is the Iraqi Army's Day. It was established in 1921, and is in action untill now. This army went through so many wars and sacrifised so many soldiers and officers. Some people might see that it's not important to celebrate this day anymore cuz the country is under occupasion, or some might not consider it a real one! I heard some people saying this and I don't agree at all.

There is a person who is very dear to my heart ( I won't say who he is for his and my safetly). I saluted him like a Military soldier does when he sees a high-ranked officer. I used to do this since I was very young, and I keep doing this till now and will do it every year in this day.

Now you might ask why I'm concerned about this safety issue. As you know, any person who works in the Iraqi Army or in any position related to the government or the American Army is in danger!

The Army is still in the reconstruction process since after the last war and yet is doing its best to protect the country under these bad circumstances, and there are so many men enrolling in the Army now.

A big salutaion to all the good men who are sacrificing themselves for their country. God bless them all.


Jason said...

Happy New Year, Haneen. Thanks so much for the e-card.

The whole Iraqi military situation has interested me for a while now. From what I see on the news, the insurgents have constantly been attacking those waiting in line to sign up for police/military, yet hundreds(more?) keep going to get signed up. Is this accurate? If it is, those men are some very brave folks. Curious if their motivation is simply monetary (ie. just doing it to support their family financially), or if most are doing it to secure their country. Any thoughts?

Also recently in the news, there has been lots of talk of insurgents infiltrating the military/police and talk of how they may be using this training to build up their own "militias" (ie. young Sadr's group). Do you have any info on this.

There are so many lies/spin in our media nowadays (especially Fox News) that it is hard to know what really is going on. Any input here is appreciated.

Haneen, you know my political beliefs concerning this war, but now we are there, we must enable those who want peace/stability to achieve that. I want only the best for your people (you especially ;~) ) Is there any growing frustration w/ the insurgents from the constant innocent civilian deaths, or what will it take for those who want stability and peace to raise up against those who thrive in violence. I understand the severe intimidation by those performing these attacks, both the homegrown insurgents and the foreign "jihadists." But do you think the iraqi people will eventually say, " Enough is enough, and take their security in their own hands?

And all this talk of pulling out troops (whether all at once [not realistic in my view], or in small steps), what are your thoughts on this issue? Will that motivate the peace/stability Iraqis to stand up against the foreigners, or do you think the extremists would use the pullout as chance to grab power?

Sorry for so many questions, but you are the only person I feel I can get a "spin-free" view. Take good care of yourself, Haneen, you're in my thoughts.

ps what are you reading now?

Wayne said...

Thank you Haneen for your posts and for your wonderful attitude. I worry a lot over the same questions that Jason has asked. My most sincere hope is for a free, peacful and prosperious Iraq. I will never understand how those suicide murderers can even think they are going to Heaven. They are all Hell bound.

Morbid Smile said...

Hello friends, hope that you are doing well. I liked those questions! I will answer them all of course, but I'm sorry I can do this now as I'm in a hurry to go out! I will post here this afternoon

Morbid Smile said...

Hello again!

I had problems with the internet connection in the last two days cuz of the rain here. Even the TV sattellite stopped last night!!

Yes, Jason, the insurgents are attacking the people who wait online to sign up for the police or the military. Yet, people are still going to sign up everyday. I believe that those people are so brave to risk their lives and stand in long and dangerous lines to sign up for the military or police. Of course, some of them are doing this to support their families financially, but they wouldn't do this if they were not brave. But the main cause is to secure the country.

Well, I'm not pretty sure if there are really insurgents signing up for the military to use the training for their own militias, but everything might be possible!! But at the same time, I don't know if they really need this training cuz most of the Iraqis were forced to train during Saddam's time! I myself was forced to training when I was in high school!!

Iraqis are already saying Enough is Enough. It's not easy at all to live under such horrible circumstances, and you can't even imagine how bad it is even if I keep talking for months!

And about pulling out the troops, I think they will be leaving sometime in the future, but as other Iraqis, I don't think it's wise to pull them all now. There is an advantage and disadvantage of this. the insurgents pretend that they are attacking the American soldiers here, and the government cuz it's under occupasion. But I think that they will do even more terrible things if the troops go out now. I know that many people disagree with me about this, but that's my opinion guys! :)

I, too, ask myself all the time how can those criminals believe that they will really go to Heaven!! I heard one of those people talking on a TV show on about Heaven. His mind is really ill (that if he got a mind in the first place!). I just hope that people won't believe such creatures!

Pebble said...

I agree! I salute the Brave Iraqi Soldiers, and thank them for fighting for their country.


Haneen I have not heard from you in so long, I'm worried I have offended you in some way, please tell me.


My mom passed away 12/27 here at home with me, so I have not been very active on the net.


cooper said...

Hey Haneen, great post. It is really great to read about things like Iraqi Army Day from you and 24. We don't hear about those kinds of things in America.

I totally agree with you that the insurgents always say they are attacking Americans, but are lying. I think that it is really just a big power struggle and that many people are looking for any way to kill. With the occupation, they are able to justify it and even claim they are going to heaven! Ridiculous!