Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy Eid From Wet Baghdad!

Hello World,

It's been raining here for the last two days. The weather turned very cold, and everything is wet even the air!! I like the smell of the rain on the dusty streets alot. It reminds me of school and university. They were nice years indeed.

The things I hate when it rains is that almost everything stop working! Especially the electricity. Half the house has electricity and the other half is real dark! Well, I can say that we didn't have electricity problems with the rain this time cuz there is already NO electricity! So, one problem is solved I guess!! Other thing I hate is the sattellite, the LNB's get wet in the rain and therefore stop functioning. And another thing that happenes during the rain; the streets turn out to be real "lakes"!!

I remember in 2001 when it rained heavily for so many hours in Baghdad. I was going out from college when the rain started heavily over our heads. the driver was waiting for me, so I didn't get all wet like the other students were on the street. I got home after 15 minutes, I had my lunch and took a nap then woke up at around 6 o'clock as I can remember. And it kept raining all that time. The Iraqi T.V. reported in the news that all Baghdad was drawning in the rain in that hour! The cars stopped in the middle of the streets and couldn't move any further in the "rivers". The students and people had to go back to their homes walking. Some of my friends reached their homes after 7 o'clock while we go out of college at 2!

The rain got into my aunt's house from everywhere. My cousin didn't know what to do at that time cuz his parents were still at work. His Mom (my aunt) is a teacher in the neighborhood's school, so he could go to her and tell her the house was sinking. He cried under the rain as he was walking! Many people died in that day cuz of electrical shocks. But now no one dies in such accidents cuz there are no electrical shocks in Baghdad anymore.

So, I wish every Muslim a happy and peaceful Eid. Hope that you will enjoy your four-days holiday :)


Mark M. Hancock said...
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Fayrouz said...

Happy Eid Al-Adha.

I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends.

Sorry about the first comment. I forget my husband was logged in and not me.

Melantrys said...

Hey, why do you constantly have several days of feasting?! Rrrrrrrrr!




Oh well.

Happy Eid!! :)

RG said...

3 Month old Iraqi Child doing great!


Noor's father and grandmother, who came with her from Iraq to Atlanta, were anxious before the surgery and relieved at the news it went well, said Christina Potter, the U.S. director for Childspring International, the charity that helped arrange the trip.

"When Dr. Hudgins came up after the surgery and declared that the surgery was a success and exceeded expectations, there were tears of joy," Potter said.

Soldiers from the Georgia Army National Guard's 48th Brigade found the sick baby during a routine "knock-and-search" of the family's Baghdad home and worked with U.S. officials and charitable groups to bring Noor to Atlanta for treatment.

attawie said...

Haneen.. Happy Eid to you and your family..

I remember the day when it rained that much... We were in the bookshope copying some papers and I had to leave because my dad was waiting at the Univ. gate. Few steps away from you and it started to rain heavily...

I got home and our garden was filled with water.

Do you remember when we used to walk under the rain and the other girls in the group would hate it.
I don't know how can they just hate the rain!!

Take care.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Happy Eid to you, Haneen!

programmer craig said...

Eid Mubarak Haneen :)

Did I say that right?

Mad Canuck said...

Eid mubarak from me too!

Morbid Smile said...

Hello everyone,

Thank you Fayrouz, it's niceto see you here. And never mind about the first comment :) You are most welcomed.

Melantrys, I ask the same question as well! ;) But you know, it's so fun to have several days of feasting cuz you will have enough time to greet and visit everyone. And sometimes it's not enough! Thank you :)

Hello RG, I've been checking the news of Baby Noor. I'm glad that she made it through the surgery. I hope more kids will have such a chance to survive!

Heeeey Attawie! I remember that day so well too! And to be more specific, we were at that bookshope to photocopy the lyrics of Marc Anthony's Album!!! Remember? You left home, and F. and I stayed inside the shop cuz we couldn't get out cuz of the rain. I also remember that F. got suspecious about the guys in the shop so much that we had to run under the rain and get to a dry spot. Yes, I also remember how the girls hated it when we liked to walk under the rain! And everytime it rained I used to tell them that you would go walk under the rain in the college's center if you were here! Old nice days ;)

Lynnette, Craig and Mad Canuck, thank you my friends! And yes, Craig, you said it right! I guess you read alot of Iraqi blogs to know the correct phrase! ;)

Blessings for everyone from VERY WET Baghdad! (still raining heavily here)

cooper said...

I really like rain, especially since I grew up in a deserty area. Happy Eid to you and I hope you have a great time with family!

Hajar said...

Eid Mubarak!
Nice to meet you!

Michomeme said...

hi haneen...hi attawie and happy eid toevery one here...
i remember that day when it rained that much...i was at school when our cousin came to school crying...

i like rain....

nice to meet you all

by the way...i'm her sister

brotherhood said...

hey belated eid mubarak :D

Morbid Smile said...

Hajar and Brotherhood, thank you and you welcome to my blog :)

Thanks, Cooper, I'm enjoying Eid with my family, and this is the last day! :)