Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Radio Girl ![UPDATED]

I was just talking on the phone with the U.S.A., and this time was with Talk of The Nation on NPR Radio! The show was live this time. I was accompanied with other Iraqi people from Iraq. There is no audio for the show yet, but it will be available soon. Check it out!



Hello everyone, and welcome new readers :)

I didn't have enough time last night to post the full story behind the radio show, so I just posted a link to the story without a link to the audio. Now the audio is available in the same story link here...

It all happened on Wednesday morning. It was about 10:45 in the morning, and I was still asleep! Yes, I know, I sleep till late hours :) That's cuz I have nothing to do in the morning, and all my family is out to work and college. So, I was asleep when my mobile rang. I was half awake and half asleep when I answered the call. There was a girl on the other end of the phone line, and I was asking myself if this girl was speaking English with me or it was just in my head!! Somehow I started to speak English as well.. She told me that she was calling from the U.S. and that she's a friend of a reporter from War News Radio and that she got my number from him. She said that they were doing a radio show about Iraq and wanted to interview some Iraqi people on the phone to talk on the show, and asked if I would like to join. I said "Yes" immediately. I am a Yes girl, I say yes and think later! And then she told me that they would call me on Thursday for the show. As soon as I finished the phone call I started to recall what just happened word by word. Did she just say NPR?!

I kept thinking about the whole thing all day long and said to myself "I'm going to be on NPR!!". The first time I heard about this radio station was from an Iraqi friend who lives in the U.S., and now they are calling me to be on one of their shows!

I first didn't know if the show was going to be live or recorded. Then I knew that it was live and that there were people calling to ask questions! It wasn't really hard, I enjoyed it so much. But, again, I was speaking too fast!! I was talking and I felt that my brain was like "Huh??" ...



shri bb said...

Mo - i was shuttling my 3 children around and heard you on NPR today! i'm sorry that the connection wasn't the best, but i really enjoyed listening to you. since i didn't get to hear the beginning of the show, how is it that NPR chose you for that segment? once i called into a show on NPR and a french woman blasted me for eating chocolate on the tube in london. my husband jokes about it all the time. what do you plan to do with your eng. lit. degree? how are your libraries over by you? do you have easy access to books written in english? i noticed that you like wuthering heights -me too. i just finished jane eyre for a book club that i'm in. out of 12 women only 3 (incl. me) read it and the rest said it was too difficult or they "just don't do classics". it's such a passionate read.

efuzz20 said...

Hey whats up!? I was listening to NPR today at work and heard your story-well parts of got kinda chopped up and the other guys in the room were being loud. Anyway, im a 20 year old American who recently became very interested in world news (thanx to NPR!) and I was thrilled to hear your story. Im embarressed to say that I didnt think Iraq had any Universities-let alone a stock market. Ill I hear about in the media is the horrible things that go on, so it was nice to listen to the life and leisure activities of some one my age living in Iraq. I hope to keep in touch! Your a brave and smart girl-keep it up!

programmer craig said...

Wow, congrats Morbido! National Public Radio is a very big deal! That's probably the biggest "radio" news station we have in the US! Please post the aduio link once you egt it, I'd love to listen to it :)

Mad Canuck said...

Hey, congratulations on being on the radio again! This is where it becomes a compliment - the first time the radio station has you on, it's because they're taking a chance on you. The second time it's because they like you. Congratulations again!

Jeff said...

A little search and I found your blog after getting the correct spelling of your name from the NPR site.

Congratulations on the Fulbright.
Where are you applying?

There are many very good schools that will want you just because you have the Fulbright even if you write your essay in crayon on a napkin so don't get to stressed about it.

I say go to a school near LA and then write for TV and maybe do some acting on the side. You could be a star. I've never been there but I hear the weather is nice.

It's more about what you do than which school you go to. A prestigious department is one that got famous from what it did in the past. You want the department that will be famous in the future for what it will do while you are there.

If you want to be able to get a job after graduation I recommend med school. UMKC has a 6 year program that is interesting.


Jeffrey said...

Morbid Smile,

I featured your interview over at Iraqi Bloggers Central today. Good job.


programmer craig said...

Morbido, you're English is excellent :) - I followed Jeffrey's link just now and listened to the program.

Answering caller questions must have been harder than prepared questions, and you did a great job :)

Morbid Smile said...

Hello Shri bb, and welcome here :) So, most of the people got to hear the show by chance and knew that it was me! I updated the post and wrote about how the sotry began. Unfortunately, I couldn't join the show since the first moment as they had problem earching me on the phone. But I don't think that I missed anything! About my plans with my Literature degree; well I'm planning to be a university professor! There is a lack in professors and supervisors in the Iraqi universities after the war, and this lack is affecting the education badly. So, I hope that with my degree and the other students' degrees we're going to rebuild the higher education system in Iraq. If I want to compare the Iraqi libraries with the American libraries, I can tell that there is a very HUGE difference! There used to be two big labraries in my college, and a library in each department. One of the two big libraries was hit, looted and then burned during and after the war! It took about a whole year to reconstruct the building, but there are still so many books and study materials missing! The other library survived, but it's so old and needs a major update as quick as possible!

I like Wuthering Heights so much. I was affected by the story so much when I studied it at college. I also watched the movie in two different versions and enjoyed them both. I like to join book clubs, but there are no such ones here, unfortunately. I am kinda slow in reading, and sometimes I feel that I need some push in order to read more! The book club is a great idea. I joined Oprah's Online Book Club, but I couldn't find the books to read here :(

Hey efuzz20, and welcome to the blog :) Don't be embarressed for not knowing that there are universities and stock markets in Iraq, many people thought the same in the begining! I think it's the media's fault cuz it only shows the bad and horrible things that go on in the country. And I think that's the reason why so many Iraqi people started their own blogs, they want to tell some hidden and real stories to the world about Iraq and how people get to live here day by day. Well, sure we have universities here! Writing and wheels were first invented in Iraq thousands of years ago :) I'm glad that you were listening to the show, and hope to see you here again!

Hey Craig, glad that you liked it! I've been trying to listen to the audio but it's not working with me!! I haven't listened to it yet! Answering caller questions was so much fun! I didn't know that there were people calling to ask questions untill I was online with them!! But it was good. I only was kinda bothered with the bad phone line that I had to ask the interviewer several times to repeat the question in order to answer! But it was fun..

Hello Mad canuck, and thank you so much! I was totally surprised when I knew that I would be on NPR!

Hey Jeff, thank you and welcome here! Fulbright is responsible in university placements, and I don't have a say in that actually! I still don't know which university I will be attending in the U.S., but I'm taking a GRE exam next week which will determine the university placement. Thank you for the tips about Fahrenheit scale and the names of years in college. That's really helpful!

Hey Jeffrey, thanks for featuring my interview on IBC! I appreciate it :)

WOW! This is the longest comment ever!! Lol

CharlesWT said...

I said "Yes" immediately. I am a Yes girl, I say yes and think later!

Hmmm...perhaps you should work on this before going to an American university. :)

Original_Jeff said...

M. Smile,
I hope you will not let your sudden fame go to your head! :-)

Bill said...

so nice to hear ur voice....wonderful energy

karina said...

hello! Haneen, I've heard ur voice now. Wonderful!

programmer craig said...

Did I mention you sound cute? They better send you to USC or some other school with a bunch of good looking guys :)

Can't have you hanging out with all the nerdy dudes :D

Mad Canuck said...

Hey, very nice!

For anyone else listening for the first time, you can scroll ahead to 35 minutes into the interview to catch the part with Morbid Smile.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...


It was really great to finally hear your voice. You did a great job!

Mad Canuck,

Thanks for the tip on scrolling through. I am at work and couldn't really listen to all of it now. But I did want to hear Morbido.

Morbid Smile said...

Hey everyone! I'm finally done with the GRE, but I was so bad at it :( Too many questions to answer in a very short time..

Hey CharlesWT.. Well, my "yes" didn't get me in trouble so far, but I'll try working on it before I get there! ;)

Lol, Jeff! My sudden fame?! Don't worry, it won't get to my head although I'm already fameous here ;) .. Kidding! People in the U.S. know more about me that people in Iraq! I might be even invisible here!!

Hey Bill, good to see you here :) Glad that you liked it, thank you!

Hey Karina, how is it going? I hope to hear your voice one day as well :)

Hello Craig, you didn't mention that I sounded cute before, thanks :).. Send me to school with a bunch of good looking guys? I'm afraid they will fall in love with me at once! What to do, I'm cute I can't prevent it ;) LOL!!

Hey Mad Canuck, I just sent you an email now!

Hello Lynnette, how are you doing? I hope that I was good at it! Now I'm dreaming that Oprah might call me to be on her show :)

Thanks all!

Lucy said...

I just finished listening to your interview. You sound and speak exactly the way I picture you while reading your blog. This is a compliment to you. :)