Tuesday, March 07, 2006

To Another Year of Glory...

Attawie's birthday, and I feel that I should at least dedicate a full post for her in this occasion! Attawie and I have been friends since 2001 when we got to the same college. The first two years of our friendship was in the real world or a real land, the other three years continued through emails, chats, text messages and some phone calls after she left the country.

As a group made of six girls attending the same class, we started to make our Birthday parties in the college's cafeteria in first and second class. My birthday was the first, and hers was the second...I don't remember many details of that day, unfortunately, except for me and one of the girls running in the campus searching for the photographer to take us a photo with the cake and gifts! And I can't remember what my gift was either!! I think it was a music box or something like that.

My dearest friend, I am so happy for you that you could make some of your dreams come true during those 22 years of you life, and I am so much happier that you are my friend. It's true that we've always been six girls, but you were the closest to my heart!

A happy and blissful birthday to you, may this year and all the coming years of you life is glorious and filled with success. I wish you another year of glory :)


Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Happy Birthday Attawie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from New York City!

Mad Canuck said...

Make that two happy birthdays from New York City... *grin*

attawie said...
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attawie said...

Thank you lynette, anonymous and mad canuck.

Dear Smiley,

I want to thank you for your friendship and for being there for me even when we are many countries away. I want to thank you because without friends we can’t go on. You encouraged me when I was week and supported me when I was right, led me to wisdom when I was wrong.

Thank you for dedicating this post for me. I remember each laugh we had; I can't remember any tear just because there was none. I remember the jokes we made, the song we sang.

I feel I’m inspired now... I think I can make a poem out of this.

I remember how we met. It was a magazine “Hell Teenagers” made by my cousin and you had it. Do you remember that? We kept talking about songs and groups and your group hated me and my group hated you. How ironic we end up the best group in the collage, the best friends.

Thank you for the sweet wishes you made for me.

You are my best fiend.
Yours truly,

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kars said...

happy birthday to your bestfriend! In Filipino it's "Maligayang Kaarawan sa Yo!"

attawie said...

Thank you all..
If you like you can visit my blog.