Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Alright! It's too late for a long post now, and I can't see clearly!!! YES, I think I'm getting blind here..

So, I have two posts but I don't know which one to publish first, and both are unfinished yet. One is a personal account o the war days. I know it's late for this, but I didn't have time to post it then. The other one is a childish post; accounts on my funny childhood and some superstitions.. What do you suggest me to post first??

The thing is that I'm having this terrible headache that refuses to go for a week now! It's on the left side of my brain, and sometime on the back of my head. Any doctors here??! I think I need an eye-check cuz I just realized a few hours ago that my eyesight is kinda blur! I'm sure that the first question the doctor will ask me is that if I spend so much time using the computer and if I read in a dull light!! What am I going to answer in this way? I do these two things most of the time, and I can't live my day without a computer and book ...ummm, and a flashlight for reading! :P

Good news: I finished my visa application!! And I'll leave on July. Filling the application form was a crazy thing to do, it went through hell of things. First thing was that I had to fill it online! It couldn't be downloaded or printed on paper. Then after completing the application form, I had to print it out, sign it and past my 5x5 photo, then scan it and finally send it. There were four forms, and it took me six hours to do all of this! During that, the electricity went off twice, so imagine that I had to re-do the work all over again!!

I'm wondering why I wrote this!
Good night!


Lisa, New York said...

Hi Morbido,

I'd love to hear the funny childhood post!

I'm glad to hear you'll be coming in July. Time really flies, doesn't it? July will be here before you know it.

Take care.

ac blue eagle said...

Good luck in the US! I am certain you will do well.

David said...

My suggestion if for the childish post first. :)

I am not a doctor, but both of my parents are; several cousins too. I am concerned about your headache. Is your vision blurred in one eye or both? Have you felt any dizziness or nausea? Do you have any loss of sensation in your arms or legs? The fact that your headache seems to move may be a good sign, but I am not sure. Are you feeling under a lot of stress in the past week? Well, thats about all I can think to ask, and keep in mind that what ever your answers, I can not diagnose why you have this headache. Mainly, I will suggest that you go to the doctor as soon as you can, especially if the headache continues.

Congratulations on finishing your visa application! It sounds like it was a very tedious process!

Take care.

attawie said...

First of all, MABROOOOOK for the visa.



I'll vote for the childhood post
stay safe

Original_Jeff said...

I am concerned about you Morbido. Please go get some new or updated eye glasses right away and visit a doctor too!

Sorry for putting you through the visa paperwork. Ever since 9/11, the U.S. visa and immigration systems have gotten more and more difficult to get through. Unless, of course, you are one of the 11 million illegal aliens who seem to find a way to get there and live here!

Have you ever travelled outside of Iraq?

olivebranch said...

I suggest the childhood post!
either which way, when you post them- DON'T FORGET TO PUT THIS AT THE BOTTOM:

remember to check the Olivebranch Network for more posts about Iraq: http://olivebranchoptimism.net

and remember to cross-post them on the Olivebranch Network!

Congratulations on the Visa application success- I can't wait till you are online more often so we can chat!

I will pray for your safety everyday until July!

olivebranch said...


jarvenpa said...

Yes, I'd like to hear your childhood post as well.
And I hope your headache turned out to be merely stress and bad lighting or something--but yes, is there a doctor to check with?
It will be so interesting to read what you write once you are in this country.

ziad_samim said...

hi dear , I'm sorry for your headache and hope it goes soon, it seems to me that you diagnosed yourself already as of cource the pc and the endless lists of books your reading could cause this headache and let us not forget the visa form which took you 6 hours this is just enough for the headache alone ;) , no need to worry this is called tension headache try to relax and to take rests for your eyes from time to time(I'm talking like a psychiatrists now) loll and I always hated those guys , I'm happy for your visa and wish you all the best and I'm sure your do very well in the states becoz your a clever gal with a great spirit

Mike McNaughton said...

A headache on one side is called a "migraine". It is usually affects the vision in some way. For me, when I have a migraine my eyes feel tired and if I rub my eyes I get an "aura" of visual effects. Some people get the aura before the migraine. Anyway, the effect on the eyes is usually caused by the migraine or the impendng migraine so I don't think it is because you are reading too much or need better glasses. Many things can trigger a migraine. Stress, and some types of food are most common. Unfortunately, there is a long list, but make notes of what you ate before the migraine. Try googling "migraine".

For most people, the triptan family of drugs cure migraines. The first of these drugs is called "Imitrex" but there are lots of others that are beginning to come on the market.

Mike McNaughton
email: uumike (at) comcast.net

Asian Views said...

Their is a kind of urge to know what is really happening in that part of the world, from an ordinary Iraqi's perspective. And to understand the whole thing, one has to look at history, religion, culture, foreign policies etc. etc. etc.. I share your excitement that you are going to the United States. I my self just got back from the US from an exchange program in Asia-Pacific Leadership, where we engaged in analysis of regional issues, the war in Iraq included.

I hope you continually participate actively in your society's struggle to survive this ugly war.

I sympathyze with the ordinary people who are most affected.

From an asian perspective.

kars said...

id like to read your funny childhood post. ;-)

Hajar said...

The funny childhood post would be great!;)

Tara said...

!!!! أخيرا يا حنين

This is what I always wanted to hear :that u'll leave & have a good chance to study abroad.I'm so happy for u dear.

& about the headache may be u need to check ur vision.If u need anything just send me an e-mail & i'll go with u to consult a specialist in the medical city.I hope it's gone by now.

I would vote for the childhood post.

Morbid Smile said...

HELLOOOOOOOOO !! I'm finally back here! Sorry for breaking the law of showing a life sign, but I couldn't help it! I was resting and the headache is gone finally! Then there some updates going on in my internet server and the connection was on and off and I couldn't logg in.. Then I got busy shopping for some things! :)

I am just showing a life sign here. A new post is coming shortly. Sorry I can't type much now, I can barely see the letter keys! The room is dark and I'm not rearrly used to a laptop's keyboard! It's too small!!

Love for all!

David said...

Glad you are feeling better! :) Hope you show a major life sign again soon!