Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hear Me Now!

For everyone here, listen to me now!

Then, as part of our continuing series on higher education in Iraq, we hear from an Iraqi woman who recently graduated from Baghdad University. (that's my part!)


Original_Jeff said...

Good interview M. Smile!

I was surprised to hear your comments about political discussions--the fact that the freedom to talk about politics lead to arguments between friends.

Morbid Smile said...

Thanks, Jeff!

Sadly, such discussions lead to so many arguments between friends. I've tried this many times. You know how it is when people disagree about a certain issue and how each person has his\her own point of view and doesn't like to listen to others! It happened many times that my friends and I finally decided not to talk about politics anymore! And that was a lot better, I mean there are so many better things to talk about other than politics. On the other hand, we used to argue about things which were rather vague and undetermined at that time. Besides, I'm so bad at this topic that I try to keep away from it all the time. See, I don't even post about political topics! ;)

programmer craig said...

Downloading now, Morbido :)

Morbid Smile said...

I was wondering where you are, Craig! So, what do you think of it? Was it a good interview? :)

Mad Canuck said...

Hey, I listened to it. Very nice.

By the way, for anyone else downloading, you can fast-forward to 16 minutes into the broadcast to catch Morbid Smile's interview.

Doubting Thomas said...

good for you, mistress smile face

Morbid Smile said...

Thanks, Thomas! :)

attawie said...

So, I'm known as the girl in Dubai now!!!

Today I got the chance to listen to your interview clearly, at last.

I wished if you could talk more about the difficulties Iraqi students are facing these days and how it is hard to get to schools/universitjies let alone of studying under threat of bullets and explosions.

You done well so far and I hope you can do it again to talk more.

"The sick student" trick!! was it the day when you went to eat out?

Morbid Smile said...

Hello "girl from Dubai!" :)

I actually talked more, but the show had a limited time so they had to cut some parts of it.

The sick student trick was the one we went out to Saj Al-Reef! And we played it on Sa'ad Al-Hassani!! I don't think he believed it, but he said ok to us when we asked him to leave the class. We were running after him from the department, to the Dean's room untill we finally found him and we stopped him at the corridor near the dean's room. Each one of us said to the other to speak to him! And you know us, nobody wants to talk to the professor and request something from him!!

I'm glad that you liked it :) Any new posts in the way??