Saturday, February 11, 2006

Nonsense, nonsense... And then Nonsence!

Hello world..

As you all see, the pink template is gone! Something wrong happened to the blog as usual, and I've lost the backup file cuz I had to format the computer.. and now back to the old "face".. I even guess that this one is better and even faster! So, some people were asking what is it with pink and girls! Actually I don't know but could it really be cuz of Barbie as I said that earlier?! I don't like pink myself.

Anyways, I accomplished some things in the last ten days; I talked with the reporter of War News Radio on the phone. We tried to talk on Skype for several time but it didn't work out, so we tried the phone lines and it worked finally! The phone call last for 35 minutes. It was a great time for me and I had so much fun though I stumbled alot at first! I even had some fatal grammar mistakes, and everytime I did a mistake I used to say "Stupid! correct it", but then I just went on..

I'm going to talk on the phone with U.S.A. again for the radio next week, and you are going to hear me after that! I'll post a link when it's online.

On the other hand, I'm still studying for the GRE exam which will be on March, 11th. I feel myself so stupid when I read this book! Or are they using hard vocabulary?! I'm spending more and more time studying and practicing some drills. There is only one month left, wish me good luck, please.

One more silly accomplishement I did today; I could finally watch Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban! I had the DVD for more than two months now, but I could only get a DVD player and watch it today! I also have Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, but I'll watch it tomorrow. I will probably re-watch the first two parts by midnight (if there is electricity of course!).

I noticed lately that Iraqi bloggers are not posting that much these days (including me)! What's up guys?Common, write something here. Is it the electricity keeping you from getting online? Hey, we've been living with this for more than a decade now!

Hmmm.. I'm thinking of undoing this post now. It seems so meaningless and disordered. I could give a lecture on How To Crack The Vocabulay Section in Your GRE Exam, but I'm sure no-one wants to read such empty stuff! Besides, there is nothing else in my mind currently.. Pardon my foolishness ;) Good Night all



programmer craig said...

Hi Morbido, double posting this comment since this post seems to be the complete one :)

I can't wait to hear your interview! YUou didn't finish the post I think... did you say you'd post a link for us?

Don't give up on skype yet... I talk to somebody in the middle east on skype just about every day, and sometimes it's great, other times it's a waste of time... you just have to be patient, it really is a lot of fun to talk on skype when the lines are good :)

I didn't like that pink template anyway, so I'm glad you didn't have it backed up :D

So, are you going to tell us about your "fatal" grammar mistakes? I want to hear :)

attawie said...

Hi Smily..
I've been reading your blog for monthes and when you changed it to pick I didn't feel it was you.. BUT now ... welcome back..

I'm trying to comment on your post for a while but after I publish them and read them under the comments they disappear. I don't know what's wrong.

Take care and good luck with the GRE exam.

Morbid Smile said...

Hey Craig! I didn't mean to double post this entry. I kept pressing on "Publish" bottom for several time cuz my internet connection was slow, and I didn't check after that.. Anyways, this post is complete but it's very crappy!! Yes I'll post a link for the interview, but it's not online yet. The reporter will call me again tomorrow for some more questions, so I'll post the link as soon as it's online. But hey you are going to laugh! First cuz of those fatal mistakes, and second cuz of my voice! I don't know how will my voice sound like, but I don't like it on the phone anyway ;).. So, whatever you hear, the real one is way better!

One of those fatal mistakes I remember was that I said "when it's rain" instead of "when it rains"! I don't know how I said that. My professors will beat me to death if they will hear me talking that way :(

Attawieeeeee! I've been waiting for your comment on the previous post!! I don't know what was wrong either, but it happened in some other blogs at the same time.. Commom errors, I guess!
Where are you anyway?! I don't see you online!

Anonymous said...
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Melantrys said...

Well, I'm way too nice to put it like Craig, I'm not that sad about the template being gone either. ;)

Don't worry, dear; I don't know if it just makes you more nervous to actually talk to people, or what it is, but my spoken English is way below my written language skills as well. Improving though, thanks to meet-ups with Dutch people and other weirdoes conversing with me in English.

Good luck from me as well.

programmer craig said...

You call that a fatal mistake!? I think anyone who hears it will understand what you mean perfectly. I make bigger mistakes all the time, and I've been speaking English all my life :)

24 Steps to Liberty said...

hey, nice to hear from you again. you know what i like about you? that u write whatever you feel like to write. thats a gift.
and you are right about the iraqi bloggers. i think we are tired of nothing and of everything! dont u agree?

Original_Jeff said...

"On the other hand, I'm still studying for the GRE exam which will be on March, 11th. I feel myself so stupid when I read this book! Or are they using hard vocabulary?!"

I think they are using hard vocabulary! Advanced degrees are pretty rare in the USA... only 10% of the U.S. adult population has earned a master's or doctorate degree.

Treasure of Baghdad said...

here is my advice. whenever you want to change your template, you should save the template on a word document and then save it on your computer. if you lose this template, you can simply go to the saved one on the word document, copy it and paste it again and then you'll get your template back :)
tell me if you like this idea.
all the bests.

Salam Adil said...


I am gojng to sound like a hopeless geek - but I managed to rescue your 'pink' template using Google's cache. If you want it back (although it sounds like you dont!) I can resurrect it. Just leave a comment on my blog.

BTW - good luck with the exam.

Morbid Smile said...

Hey everyone.. sorry I'm late in replying here, but I couldn't view any page of! Now it's back to work again and here I am!

Melantrys, thanks! That made me feel better :) And actually I did better in the second time! Good progress for me..

Jeff, are you really serious?! Only 10% of the U.S. adult population has master's or Ph.D.?! It's so much more here in Iraq. Maybe because education is free here! Don't know..

Hey 24, good to see you here :) Yes, I agree with you, we are all tired of everything and nothing.. and maybe it's more cuz of the "nothings"! By the way, you stopped writing about your trip to the U.S.! Won't you write about it anymore? I want to know the rest of it:)

Treasure, thanks for the idea! Actually I did that recently, but I also lost the word document cuz something wrong happened to the computer and it refused to work, so I had to format it.. and that backup got lost as well! Anyway, it seems that nobody really liked it, and you all said that it looked good!! lol

Salam, thanks! I would like to keep if I want to tease some people with it ;)