Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Multi-entries Post

Note: This is last night’s post. I couldn’t post it then cuz I got disconnected from the internet!

Hello everyone,

It seems that I must have a problem with the blogsphere every now and then! This time I can’t view my blog, and if I manage to view the page, I can’t get to the comments’ section... I’m writing this on Word document and will publish it via Word for Blogger.. Luckily, I get the comments on email so I could read them. Anyways, the internet stopped now for some reason but I’ll continue writing this not knowing when to post it. It’s a multi-entries post, so you might read a lot of crap here! I don’t know what’s going on with bloggers these days, but it seems that they are not posting that much recently. And 24 is right; we are tired of everything and nothing! Or maybe Muse is on vacation for some time now;)

I finished another story with media so far. The first one was the Diary project with the German Magazine which I will post next month. The reason why I’m waiting till next month is because the diary text will be published in the magazine’s issue of March. So, to be polite, I must wait until they publish it and then I’ll post it all here in seven entries for one week. I hope you will like it! The other story is with War News Radio. I talked over the phone with the U.S. for two times during the last week. Last time was actually yesterday, and for me it was better than the first time. It was the first time my parents hear me speak English! I don’t know why, but I always feel kind of shy to speak English in front of my parents or people I know! I have a very tiny experience of speaking English. When I was at college, I didn’t speak English that much during class cuz the professors did most of the work. They used to talk and discuss the subject of that lecture, and students used to write down some notes, and very few professors on very few occasions asked us to discuss or answer some questions. But for me, that didn’t really count! The real times for me were in the Fulbright interview which lasted for about half an hour or less and on the phone with the radio reporter for 35 minutes and then another 38 minutes the next week.

But I do speak English with myself if this can be counted! I’m not a freak, and I don’t know if other people do this too, but I think that I talk with myself more than with other people! I also noticed that most of my dreams are in English language. It started when I was in sixth grade in High School. My first dream in English language was about Seinfeld! I dreamed that I was one of Seinfeld team and that it was night time and I was standing in a street with Jerry, Kremer and George. And we were heading to McDonalds when we saw Elaine, she looked at me with surprise and said “American?!”… And I replied “American!”... I wasn’t a fan of Seinfeld at that time and I didn’t know why I dreamed of Seinfeld and McDonalds! But that was an American dream for sure! :)

So, today when Dad came back home from work, he asked me to put the T.V. channel on Saddam’s trial. I totally forgot about that trial and didn’t know that it was on T.V. today! I don’t watch TV that much, and don’t watch the news and political reports at all. I’m just sick of it. But what I saw on TV was so shocking. Was it Barazan sitting in the court hall in his underwear on the floor or was I hallucinating??! This is a true mockery. Those folks should be judged immediately without prosecution. They didn’t try their victims so why should we waste so much time to try them? And what are they doing in return? Nothing except for making strikes against the court or don’t know what! Later on another channel, there was an interview with Raghad, Saddam’s daughter, on the phone. My father and I really laughed when we heard what she was talking about. She kept saying that her father is a hero and bla bla bla. The anchorman asked her if she wanted to go back to Iraq someday, and she said that she would come back home as soon as Iraq is back like before, Saddam’s Iraq as she called it! Yea, you wish!

And at the end, happy Valentine’s Day for everyone :)



Lisa, New York said...

Hi, Morbido.

You're not a freak! I talk to myself, too. (Of course, it's possible that we're both freaks!)

Any idea when you'll be coming to the U.S.? Did you take the GRE yet? (Sorry, if you already mentioned these things. I might have missed it while I was busy talking to myself. :-P )

I look forward to reading your interviews!

Melantrys said...

Yeah, Blogger has sure been sick for the past one and a half weeks now on and off. It swallowed some of the comments made on my blog altogether (I get email notification too though) and kept David from commenting the day before yesterday, I think.

A character in the books by my favourite author Terry Pratchett keeps saying something that I think holds true for the real world as well: Crimes happen in the dark; that's why justice has to happen in the light.

Happy Valentine's Day, dear!

attawie said...

Hi Smiley..
I wrote a comment but it was rather long so I decided to publish it in my blog as I haven't post for a while.

Funny, huh? To sum it all:
You're not a freak to speak to yourself in English and if you were one then add me on the list.
Dreams in English were very often, I even saw Egyptian actors speaking English in my dreams.

I forgot all about Saddam’s trial too. It’s just a show.

I’m waiting for your Diary but wait a minute does that mean I won’t have a birthday post from you :(

My Muse was around most of the times but the problem is I’m listening to too much Evanescence that all my images are dark and about death. (You read my last poem) I should try to listen to something else.
Read the full comment on my blog.
Take care

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Hi Morbido,

I liked this post. It felt kind of free and easy. Relaxed. If that makes sense?

No, you're not crazy for talking to yourself. Both my Mother and I do that. Or like Lisa said maybe we're ALL crazy and we just don't know it, hmmm? :)

I don't know if you've been over to 13's lately, but he has a new post. Well, relatively new. Very good too!

I noticed the pink is gone. It kind of felt like I was walking into a "Cotton Candy" kind of world when you had it all pink. I used to love that stuff when I was a kid. Of course, noooow I know that spun sugar is NOT the best thing to be eating. But I'm rambling here sooooo......Happy Valentine's Day a little late!

P.S. I look forward to your diary entries.

Hajar said...

LOL! What a funny dream! Seinfeld and Mickey Dee's!

Original_Jeff said...

Why do you call yourself Morbid Smile?

You must be really gifted in language! I took Spanish for 5 years and still never became fluent. Today, if I watch the Spanish language TV channel, I can only pick out words here and there but can't really follow full-speed spoken Spanish.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

"Why do you call yourself Morbid Smile?"

Don't ask, you don't want to know. I did the same thing and she gave me some links to a play and after reading it I was depressed for a week! lol!

Just kidding, Morbido.:)

Morbid Smile said...

Hello everyone,

So, I'm not the only crazy person in the world who talks with herself! That feels good! ;)

Lisa, you talk with yourself so much that you missed it when I said that I'll be coming to U.S. on early August and will take the GRE next month! Lol ;)

You are right Melantrys, Bloggers has been sick lately! Well it seems good and "healthy" now, but I hope that it won't catch some Bird Flu in the future!

Attawie, I remember that dream of the BSB! I had similar ones as well. Old days! I read your post or "comment" in your blog, and will write you there as well. Hey, sure you'll have a birthday post from me!! Not only this, you will have a post here, a comment in your blog, some offlines in your messenger ID, an ecard in your email inbox, a text message in your mobile (or you want me to call?), and finally a gift.. send me your address ASAP! Satisfied?! ;)

Lynnette, you too hated that pink layout?! Well, then it's good that it's gone! But I might put it back again someday to tease you all! lol .. You reminded me of Cotton Candy, I didn't like it that much when I was a kid though! I don't know if it's the same candy here, but we used to call it "Girls' Hair"!!!
Yes, I checked 13's blog recently and read his post. It was a good one as usual.

Hajar, I have some funnier, if not sillier, dreams too!! :) I don't know why, but I often dream of lizards running after me!! YUCKY

Lynnette, if you were depressed for a week after reading that link, I was depressed for a whole semester when I studied it!! But I should answer Jeff's question anway.. Hope he won't get depressed as well!

Jeff, I first used to have my real name here long ago before I get any comments. And then I changed it to something I don't remember until I finally decided to use this name. I was studing a play at college by that time (which was last April), and the play was "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Bekett. The image of the morbid smile was in the whole play, it was a tragic-comedy. And that's where I got the name from. Not depressing so far, ha? Well, you'll be depressed if you read the text! I can send it to you if you want to ;)


Anonymous said...


Mabuhay! Greetings from the Philippines!

I'm a little surprise to learn that you're a little shy speaking English and being heard by your parents. I think you must have to surround yourself with people who speak English fluently. Watch English/American movies and soon you'll get their way of talking.

And about you talking to yourself in English - it's normal. Hehehe. I do it too.


karina said...

oh! that's me above.- karina

Morbid Smile said...

Hello Karina, I knew that the anonymous was you when I read "Mabuhay!" :) I've been watching English\American movies since I was a very little kid! And the same about songs and music, but my problem is that I haven't spoekn English that much! Though I'm improving this and getting over it by now :)

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Cotton candy was one of those things you just had to get when you went to the fair. It was spun onto a paper tube and looked like a pink cotton cocoon. It didn't really have that great a flavor, but I loved how it melted as soon as you put it in your mouth. No, the thing I really love is chocolate. Anything chocolate has got to be good! lol!

CharlesWT said...

I just finished listening to War News Radio's interview with you. You did very well.

CharlesWT said...

When I used an audio editor to slow down the audio of your interview 20%, I could understand almost every word. :)) Your spoken English is really very good. The problem was the bad phone connection. I think if you had been in the studio with the interviewer, I would have understood every word you said. Well, maybe, if you slowed down a wee bit. :)

attawie said...

I'm listening to you right now..
Tears from my eyes started to come down when you talked about "the group 6"
I'm at work I can't manage to hear well, no head-set.. I listen to it again at home.
you done well

Anonymous said...

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