Friday, November 25, 2005

Dolma Festival !!

Yaaay! We had a Dolma festival for lunch today!! Dolma is one of my favourite dishes. I wait for
it every Friday, and ask for it on every occasion or family gatherings! Dolma is a Turkish dish from where it originated, but it is found all over the Arab world.Each country has its particular way of cooking.For instance; the Turks line the base of the pot with cleaned pigs trotters, the Lebanese with lamb chops, while the Jordanians make each Dolma so small, each one a mouthful. My Mom makes it kinda large, and my Grandma calls it "pillow-like Dolma" !! :)

Basically any vegetable that can be stuffed is used; usually onions, vine leaves, courgettes, tomatoes and green peppers. In Iraq, we also use chard leaves instead of vine leaves [See photo above], onion, green peppers and any other vegetables that can be filled. Once the vegetables are stuffed they can be cooked, or even frozen until they are needed.

Check out more info about my favourite dish here

Want some Dolma recipes?!

Enjoy the photo! ;)


Bill said...

with my best Hommer Simpson voice...Ummmmmmmmm stuffed green peppers.

jason said...

ok, now i'm hungry again. I've only had the dolmas stuffed in grape leaves. yummy stuff. i'm taking down your recipes. didn't know you liked to cook too. what other good recipes do you have. any requests for american ones?

Hey just saw the new harry potter. pretty good, you'll have to see it when you arrive. talk to ya later, miss haneen. have a great weekend.

ac blue eagle said...

Looks good, but I eat anything!

Louise said...

They are good!!! I like the grape leaves. Haven't had them for a long time, though.

attawie said...

I don't think I can get enough of Dolma.
But I have my way of eating.. You see.. I don't like all the vegetables so I just open the pieces and eat the rice.
Lately I started to eat them all.

24 Steps to Liberty said...

ha ha ha ha,
Hannen, i love Dolma. i love the one without meat better. but all kinds work!! as long as they dont have Tomato!
thanks for reminding me. because i spend at least 12 hours in the office, i forgot about the real iraqi food. i'll go tonoght and DEMAND Dolma.

thanks for the comments. i appreciate them.

Morbid Smile said...


Yes Jason, I like to cook too. But I do it for fun :) Iraqis love food so much!

And hey guess what? I told me Mom not to cook for lunch today cuz there is still some Dolma from yesterday!!

Well, 24, this Dolma has chopped meat and TOMATO sauce! But don't panic, it wasn't real tomato (just sauce) ;)

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Oh, you guys, how can you NOT like tomato?! They're delicious. Especially in sauces and chili. I'm with Bill. I'll take stuffed green peppers. Yes, with tomato sauce.

Remember, tomatoes are good for you. They're loaded with anti-oxidents.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

I almost forgot. Thanks for the Thanksgiving Day wishes. I had a really nice day and am enjoying a nice long four days off from work. It snowed here on Friday, so everything is all white.

See ya.