Thursday, November 10, 2005

Some Random Stuff

I finally had the chance to watch Harrp Potter tonight!! I've been waiting for years just to watch one part of that movie. I searched for the books but didn't find them. And there is Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory on TV right now It's the old version of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I guess the new version is more fun, especially when there is Johny Depp :)

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone, I guess that was the first movie. I was sitting before the TV set all time, and didn't say one word.. Just watching and enjoying the movie. The good thing is that the TV set is kinda "huge" one, so I could watch every little detail.

What else.. Yes. I went to college two days ago and saw some of the classmates. There are no lectures yet! Can you believe this? College started almost two months ago, and still nobody goes and attends the lectures!! However, the M.A. students started with their study. Farah, my classmate who applied for the Fulbright with me but wasn't accepted, is one of the M.A. students in my department this year. She said that her first assignement is to study a play and discuss it next week. The play was "Everyman". Good luck for her.

So when I got to college, I saw the names of the M.A. students who have been accepted this year. The names were hung on the wall at the entry of the college. My name wasn't there for sure. I applied for it, and had the competitive exam in an oven-like place. I did well in the exam, but I knew that I wasn't going to go on with my study here! I had the feeling that it's going to be Fulbright.

Everyone was saying "sorry" to me cuz I wasn't among the "lucky" students of this year. Well, they don't know that I got what everyone wants to get! They don't know that I'm going to study in the U.S.. So who is the "lucky" here??! MEEEEEEEE. And in fact I went on with it and said " It's ok, I can apply next year!" I didn't tell everyone about the Fulbright. I was told during the interview I had in the embassy that I should not tell anything about it for my own safety.

Some news from college: Very few students found a job, and it wasn't within their field of Study! Abdul-Raheem, a Sumalian student and a classmate of mine, got out of Iraq and went to another country..but not back to his home. He's been here for six years, or maybe more. The big shock for me was some news about Ali Hashim, my classmates whom I wrote a post about, and put a photo for. His girlfriend dumpd him for a "richer" guy!!!! I remember that they were together all the time since our second year at college. And last time I met them they were extremely happy together, and they even talked about some planes they wanted to do together. And they said that they would get married in a short time after they both start with their M.A. study. They both applied for Master degree, but Ali gave up before the competitive exam cuz he knew he wasn't going to make it. Anyway, what I knew is that some guy who seems to be a rich one, or maybe a little bit richer than Ali asked for Alaa's hand for merriage. And she said yes! her reason is that she got a better chance! But Ali wasn't poor. She told him to be in her shoes and think about it, he would surely say yes. Where is the love?!

I'll go watch the rest of Wonka movie. Good night for all...


24 Steps to Liberty said...

i can feel your excitement to go to the U.S. but i also know that it sucks. dont u think? u cant even tell your friends that u r going. the poor guys r happy because they r getting M.A. in baghdad and they feel sorry that u werent "lucky" wooooow!!

i loved how u talked about ur classmates and friends. i cant feel sorry for ali, because if all these years didnt make it clear that she is shallow, so he is blind. hee hee.

take care and be happy always. you will be better than all. dont feel sorry because u are not accepted for M.A. studies!!!!

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Hi Haneen,

I've never read the Harry Potter books, but I've seen all of the movies, except the most recent. I love the special effects, like the talking hat.

It's too bad you can't share your news about studying in the U.S. with your classmates. But, unfortunately, the embassy was right. It can be dangerous.

I can only hope that the violence in Iraq will subside so the economy can get back on track. It's tough to find work in the situation most Iraqis are in.

I gotta tell you, Haneen, what happend to Ali is really a shame. But 24 is right, she is shallow and he's better off knowing that now. I know that's cold comfort. But there are alot of girls out there and he sounds like a cool guy.

btw, I've been dying to ask you, why "morbid" smile? You are one of the least morbid people I've met!

Take care.

Morbid Smile said...

Well, if you want the truth, I'm dying to tell everyone I know about my scholarship! The other day when I was at college and the students were telling me "sorry" that I didn't get the M.A. in Baghdad, I wanted to burst in their faces and say "GUYS I GOT THE SCHOLARSHIP".. But, what to do! It can be really dangerous.

And for Ali, his story became the main topic among my friends! Everyone I see or call tells me "Have you heard about what happened to Ali?" .. I can't blame him, but she played it well and acted the greatest lover in the whole world. You know, it's unusual here if two lovers walk around the college holding hands, but they did it all time. I knew recently from one of my friends that he said to another classmate that "she loves money, that's why she left me". Poor he!

About the "morbid" smile, well I'm not morbid at all. In fact I'm one of the people who likes to laugh and have fun all the time. My friends say about me that I'm very optimistic and happy, even if there is no reason for that. But I got the name while I was reading "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett. I was moved by the description of the last moments in the play in which the two main characters discovered that their lives have a morbid smile, like the smile of the skull. It was a tragic-comedy, worth reading! I made the blog while I was reading this book, and I chose the name "morbid smile" as my nickname. It doesn't apply to me anyhow, but I liked it.

I gotta say that I loved the movie so much last night. The effects were cool. I liked the talking hat as well, it was funny :)Hope that I will be able to watch the other parts. The cool thing is that there's going to be a new movie on TV every Wednesday night!! It's on One TV. I hope they will put the greatest ones!

See u all

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Next time someone tells you they're sorry you didn't get the M.A. in Baghdad you'll just have to smile and say you'll find SOMETHING to do. They'll wonder why you're walking around with a "Mona Lisa" smile!

"In fact I'm one of the people who likes to laugh and have fun all the time."

Then you'll fit in in the States just fine! :) When you're here you can catch up on some of the movies you may have missed.

I've never read "Waiting for Godot". Maybe I'll have to check it out.

See ya!

attawie said...

Poor Ali..
Haneed do u still have his e-mail. please if u can send it to me. I once told u to give him my address but I didn't get anything from him.
I watched Harry Potter but missed about 15 minuts when we heard the bombing in Jordan.

Morbid Smile said...

Lynnette, I found you "waiting for godot" online, you might like to have a look at it. It's a short play of two acts only

Attawie, actually I lost Ali's email address! I once gave him your address and he told me that he emailed you but he got the email back! And in fact I don't think that he would use this address anymore cuz it has his name and her name together! But I have his mobile number, tell if you want it so I'll send it to you.