Sunday, November 20, 2005

Meowing Cat

Just trying to blog from Flickr.

I don't like cats! But I've been chasing this little one for days trying to take pics for it.. It's been meowing non-stop all time for five days now!!


ChildrenVoiceIraq said...

Cats have feelings same we have may be some people can't deal with tha feelings but you can do it if you want , they need our feelings and our kindness too as other people do to give us that kindness back , just try one time understand them . they have soul they feel the pain .

Morbid Smile said...

Hello Ala'a, long time no see!

It seems that you like cats alot, don't you? Well, the reason I don't like cats is that I always feel their bones when I try to hold them! But I do like a little kitten's face like the one in that picture.

attawie said...

I never liked cats except in the last war. I like a cat, named it, took care of it and get really connected to it. BUT it hurt me when the nextdoor dog ATE it.
In general, cats like me. Whenever I go to some one who has cats you found me stuck on a chair with the cat sleeping on my lab.

Hala said...

Haneen, I don't like cats too although there is always a cat we feed. my first cat faced the same end of attawie's cat, strange! I keep photos for them too! keep holding the camera. good job!

Morbid Smile said...

Once, there was a cat which we used to feed.. One day it was crossing the street and got hit by "Abu al Nafot" and died!!

My cousin loves cats so much, she always has a cat to feed. One morning, she woke up and found three kittens were killed! One of them was beheaded and the head was missing!!! A big cat ate them :(

Another cat we once had. It was a lazy cat sleeping in the garden under the tree all the time. I named it "Harhour" after the cat's name of Sharshabeel in "The Smurfs" cartoon! Remember it? Anyway, that cat got old and dies eventually.

Those are "heart breaking" stories of cats!! ;)

khalid jarrar said...

you are all so horrible!
how can one not adore cats?
and this one in your picture is killingly-adorable Haneen!

Harhoor? hahahaha :D

well Morbid if they are fat cats i asure you you will have to look twice to find a bone!

i love cats so much, i have a white cat living inside the house, my hands are full of scraches and she bites me and fights with me all the time, she is so sweet in other times though, sometimes she sleeps on my chest when i sleep, sometimes she wakes me up by puting her nose on my nose while making that qorrrrrrrrrrrrr voice, she is so cute:)) bala 7asad raja2an!

Blue Athena said...

Hi Haneen

Dropped here from Shakespeare and Co. blog. That's a collaborative blog and several writers post there. Guess you'd have to ask the moderator of the blog to link. :)

Thank you for reading my poem.

Happy writing! :)

Morbid Smile said...

Khalid, please tell me where to find a "fat" cat here and I will go hold it by myself!!

Wait a minute, I made an achievement with cats last night!! I went out at 2 midnight to change over the electricity, and I found that little cat and another huge cat sleeping on our swinger in the garage. It was all dark and all I saw was sparkling eyes! I was lighting my way with the mobile light, so I could get close to the cat slowely. The big cat escaped, but the little one stayed in its place.. I reached my hand to the cat and could touch its head. ALL BONES!! :)

I also had a dream about cats last night!! The dream was full cats and MEOW!!

Khalid, I can send you that killingly-adorable cat via email if you want! ;) Say "Hi" to your daughter, I mean your cat.. hehe!

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

I can see I've missed some conversations in your blog. I never know what is proper "blog etiquette", to post a comment on the original post or on the most current one? Oh well, here goes.

Regarding Khalid's comment on choosing a spouse:

We had a guy here in Minnesota advertise for a potential spouse. Those who were interested gathered at the Mall of America and were interviewed by a number of his friends. They then picked the one that they thought would best suite him. After the couple had gotten to know each other a little they ended up getting married and last I heard were expecting a baby. As far as I know they are still married.(It's been a number of years since this took place)

I guess whatever works. I am a bit of a romantic, myself.

On your question, Haneen, to hurt someone else would be to hurt myself. I would not deliberately hurt someone elses feelings.

I wanted to let you know I read "Waiting for Godot". Yes, noooooow I understand the morbid reference. I had to go out and rent a lite fluffy movie just to cheer myself up! Which brings me to the cat post. If you haven't seen "Christmas with the Kranks", it's pretty good. It you don't like cats you will appreciate some of the cat scenes. :)


The dog next door ATE your cat?! Eeeeeeew! I'm sorry. When I was little we went away for the weekend and when we came back found that a dog had killed a number of cats that we kept outside. When the dog came back my Dad was waiting for him with a shotgun. He shot him full of buckshot and we never did see that dog again!

Take care all.

attawie said...

Yes, my poor cat...
I was watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S today and it was the episod when Rachy buys a cat. it's the ugliest cat I've ever seen.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

"it's the ugliest cat I've ever seen."


I don't remember that one, but "Friends" was one of my favorite shows.

Morbid Smile said...

LOL !! I remember that cat in FRIENDS very well.. It was really the ugliest cat ever! And it kept scraching poor Raechel during thr show!!

Lynnette, it's been long time no see! hey, you can just comment anywhere you like, there are no blog etiquette here :) And I'll make sure that I read all the comments everywhere..

Melantrys said...

Um, Morbid Smile, it's really easy:

skinny cat + lots of nourishing food = not skinny cat

Get a tomcat and feed him well, they're always less bony than the female ones anyway. ;)

Morbid Smile said...

Thank for the tip, Melantrys!


Now I have to feed that little cat in my garden i order not to feel its bones (that if I will be able to carry it anways!)