Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nuts in my blog !

Hey all, I recently noticed that there are two types of attacks in the blogsphere; one is the spam attack, and other is the anonyoums comments attack! Now I can see why most of the bloggers decided to close the comments section in their blogs! I swear you have all the right to do this.. it's killing.

Well, the spam attack can be stopped easly by turning the Word verification on. But what to do with the other attack! Ignoring is not a good solution for it, I guess.

I had been attacked twice by anonymous commenters. One was telling me not to go to the U.S.A., and the other one was telling me to GET LOST cuz I don't deserve to study there! He claims that I support the carbombings in Iraq and that I want Sunnis to illegally rule over Kurds and Shiites. And who knows what's next! He might give me the title of a "Terrorist"!

I have to admit that he made me go back and read all my previous post all over again to check what the hell I wrote! I really don't wanna close the comments section in my blog, but I do expect respect from commenters. Simply, why do you read my blog if you don't like what I write?! Nuts is the last thing I want in my blog!

I could recover the sidebar finally. Thank you guys for the help.

John, I'm sorry that I didn't email you till now! I'm just being busy, I found you the tavern's photo.

See you all.


Aunt Najma said...

Do not disable the comments now, you might regret it ;)
You might want to try Haloscan and block some IPS, but then, the commenters are too many, you can't control!!

I don't know what advice to give you since I myself haven't gotten myself to a good solution.. :((

Oh, and you'll be called with way more than a terrorist if you say a word in politics..!!

Anonymous said...

first off, i'm the one that suggested canada might be a better place for you. i never, ever told you not to come to the US. in fact, when others suggested that was my motive, i totally denied it. it was just a suggestion that you and so many other people made huge. i tried to clear myself several times then as well, so im not sure what else you want me to do. sorry i "attacked" you on your blog.

Pebble said...

Oh I have had tons of strange comments, you can always delete them.

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(`'·.You have a¸.·'´)
(`'·.cool blog!!!¸.·'´)
(¸.·(¸.·´ .·´¸¸.·´*´¨)

Anonymous said...

Haneen, If you do not support the carbombers, then say it. If you support the carbombers, then you are not welcome in the west. Neither America nor Canada wants you.

Anybody who supports the insurgents who lay bombs in the road or shoot at people and assassinate people is a criminal. If I did that here in America, I would be taken to jail - rightfully.

That is why you are a criminal and we dont want you in America.

Of course unless you condemn the insurgency and say that you support the democracy and want to peacefully vote in the many elections.


olivebranch said...

I have good advice for you, and it worked against the few who decided to post nasti comments about my views.

Quite simple really.

Affirm your position in a main-page post, and tell them - IN NAME WITH LINKS to their PROFILE AND EMAIL/BLOG that if they


its harsh, and not the nicest way to go- but seems to work.

Morbid Smile said...

To the first anonymous: You didn't really attack me, I want to say that I didn't really like it at first when you said that I don't go to the U.S.A... anyways, that was your personal point of view and I respect it.

To the second anonymous: I was replying you with respect, why do you have to call names and say bad words?! I deleted your last comment, and you know why I did it. Another thing, where did you read that I support carbomings and killings?? All my posts are my personal dailies, I never posted such things saying that I support terrorism!


Simply, I don't care for what you say cuz it's WRONG WRONG WRONG
I face carbomings everyday in my country, people die cuz of this. DO you think that I would enjoy it?? NO WAY.

I see that you start to attack MUSLIMS and accuse them of being terrorists and criminals only because they are Muslims! That's obvious since you said what you said on Prophent Muhammed! That's why I deleted the comment, cuz I don't allow such things.

Call me a criminal if you want, you are the only one who sees this. And you will not stop me from studying in the U.S.A.

You are right Najma, and I don't really want to close the comments section, I could even change the settings and allow only the registered useres to comment, but I have some friends who don't have usernames and they comment here.


richsanter said...

hannen, perhaps he thinks you support the killing of american and iraqi military forces. i think that is what he was getting at, not journalists.

Morbid Smile said...

Even if he thought that, I don't support the killing of the American and Iraqi military forces either. On the contrary, they do a good job by fighting the insurgents and terrorists, and I support their job all the way. It's forbidden to kill any inocent soul, and those people are not doing crimes, so why should I support their killing!

Peace to you richsanter :)

aNarki-13 said...


sorry i'm late.. as usual.

cool, the first anon. is probably an arab who hates america, the second is an american who hates arabs!

hey anon guys, come on, chill out!
you'd hardly find a blogger who supports car-bombs (even the jarrar brothers, who took such incredible heat in their comments sections) are against killing, they are against foreign military existance in Iraq, not against life..

also, sheesh, this is a highly educated girl here, true muhammed atta holds a phd, but he's NOT IRAQI!

we get kinda personal when settling scores here, like, when u hate someone so much, u dont go BLOW UP A CAR ON HIM, we are much more cruel, we like to LIVE to see him suffer..

martyrdom thru TNT is a foreign concept. brought from outside.

so i dont think she supporst bombs of anykind, be they on the street or at the boxoffice..

a dreary movie season. Me want KONG, me want KONG.


peace be to all, chill out dudes!

Hey Najma, long time no see me, righty? happy eid sis..

salam to everyone here AND their families too.. too generous of me, but then again, i'm dozing off writing this, i dont remember half of what i wrote up there..


Morbid Smile said...

Hey anarki! happy eid to you.. always late, but better than nothing!! .... Kidding ;)

i guess the firt anon to be American! I don't know but I think that he said that in one of his previous comments! Not sure though. As for the second anon.. SURE he hates Arabs! If you culd see what he wrote in the comment I deleted!! I couldn't read it myself, so I had to deleter.. cuz if I didn't do this, other would tell me to do it for sure!

For sure, no one support bombs of any kind! Who would do this anyway!!

See ya!

Anonymous said...

Haneen, I am happy to read what you say, and I take back my accusations to you. Peace. I have been to other Sunni blogs like RiverBend and Citizen of Mosul and they all support the carbombers and marketplace bombers and those who plant IEDs to kill off police, Shiites and the Americans.

Of course I dont hate Arabs. I am a Muslim myself. I think the Iraqis should be very proud that they are the first Muslim country with a democratic constitution. Out of 47 Muslim countries, Iraq is the first. This is a big honor and it tells a lot about the Iraqi character that they achieved this (hehhehe despite all those oh so holy carbombs designed to kill democracy, by some other Iraqis).

In any case, let me say that Islam is what causes the backwardness in the Middle East. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) did not want people to progress and killed anybody who disagreed with him. And then he instituted slavery (4th class citizens). He also made sure women are 2nd class citizens and non-believers are 3rd class citizens. The Koran says "be nice to your slaves". It does not say "slavery is abolished". In any case nobody believes in the Koran anymore - which is a good thing.

Until Iraqis come to reckon with the Mohammedan ideology, you will not achieve true liberation.

We in America believe that religion is a personal thing. Islam for me is a personal thing between me and my Allah. That is why we will shoot an Islamist terrorist if we see one - because they want to impose opressive Talibanism and wife beating on us.

Bagher (the Muslim American)

Anonymous said...

hannen, i made the comments about you visiting the US and you're right, i am an american...a protestant american. i just wanted to make that clear so people don't think i'm a muslim american or someone from the middle east claiming to be from the US. hopefully you find a good school and enjoy your stay here.

Bagher, i believe Afghanistan was the first muslim democracy, not iraq. i agree with your views though. there are a lot of problems with islam that need to be changed quickly or else the middle east will continue to be left behind in the world.

Mark Bahner said...


(Aunt) Najma writes, "I don't know what advice to give you since I myself haven't gotten myself to a good solution.. :(("

I recommend deleting any comments you don't like. It's your blog.

Mark Bahner said...

"Bagher, i believe Afghanistan was the first muslim democracy, not iraq."

Depending on how stringent your requirement is for calling a country a "democracy," Pakistan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh are all Muslim majority countries that have been "democracies," at least briefly. (Pakistan is clearly not one today.)

And that leaves out Turkey...which might be the Muslim-majority country with the longest history of democracy. (Although troubled.)

Mark Bahner said...

Oops. The previous urls were cut off. You can go to that first website, and then search for the individual country.

Or I'll try this:





CMAR II said...


Don't worry about the nutty commenters. Most of the time, other readers will take care of them for you. Ignore them, all they want is your attention. Just let free speech slosh around here and delete spammers and obscene posts. Closing comments is always a bad idea. Let people yell at you for what you post. At least that way you know they are reading it.

Morbid Smile said...

Hello Mark Bahner and and CAMR II, thank you guys and welcome to my blog :)