Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Books Day!

Hello everyone,

Today I got my first book from This is my first time I order something online!! And since we don't have an access to credit cards in Iraq, I had to ask someone to order the book for me. This someone is an American works in Iraq, and he used the U.S. military mail to get the book for me. But I paid for everything, I only needed the credit card.

I wasn't intending to buy anything online before. Just two weeks ago, I was searching for some materials and articles on the internet about my M.A. major, and all what I did was I typed "Modern American Novel" in the search bar. The first thing I got was a title of a book that sums up the American literary achievment from Henry James to the present time!! So, in my case, this is a must-to-read book. The books title is The Modern American Novel by Malcolm Bradbury.

I received the book today. It costed me about 16 Dollars only. :)

Then later this day, my aunt's husband came for a quick visit with a small and unexpected gift for me! There were three books for me!!! The first book is the Holly Quran with English-language explanation. The second book is The Ideal Muslimah, The True Islamic Personality of The Muslim Woman. The third book is rather a booklet, A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam.

Now I don't know how many books I have, but I don't mind having more!! It's good to smell them sometimes. I'm about to finish To Kill a Mockingbird, there are only three chapters left for me to read. I wonder if Boo Radley will ever show up!!

I thought the peaceful dream will last for a longer time now, but the bombings and explosions are back in town again!! Many explosions took place in Baghdad today. Dad sawa bombed car been dragged from "the crime scene" when he was on his way back home from work. He said it exploded on a police station. God knows what might happen tomorrow!

Till we meet again, much love and peace for everyone...


MrAnderson said...

Haneen, I was eagerly watching the news and was happy to see that no new reports of violence in Iraq came up and was under the impression that the insurgency had been quelled. But then I read your post... *sigh*

I'm so sorry that Iraqis have to go through this. I really wish you didn't. Although not as bad as you, I also grew up in a fairly violent neighborhood hear in the US. There were gangs and occasional gunshots and walking to and from school was scary and I had my fair share of incidents along the way. In that way, I can relate to the horror of you having to live with violence. I know its multiplied 10 times in Iraq...but nobody should have to live in those conditions.

Anyway, please stay safe and continue blogging.

Pebble said...

Haneen, I feel so terrible aout the danger near your home, I feel guilty knowing you will soon be safe in America, but all your loved ones remain in the danger. I have loved ones in Iraq too... Be safe dear one.

And enjoy your books!


jason said...

I receive the same joy for books, Haneen. You are going to go nuts when you get to the states and are able to visit a Barnes and Noble or a Borders. HUGE book stores with couches and chairs all over the place (Coffee/tea shop inside too). Hours of good fun. All the books you can smell. ;~) Enjoy your read, miss haneen. I'll talk with you later.

programmer craig said...

Amazon is so cool. I just started using this year. Google search for the book title you want, add to shopping cart, click on "place order" - done in 1 minute flat :)

I still like to go to the big bookstores and browse around though, when I have the time.

Sorry to hear the "ceasfire" didn't last. I had hoped it might hold a little longer as well. Maybe things will get better for good sometime soon.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Hi Haneen,

My philosophy is that you can NEVER have too many books! As the piles in my bedroom would tell you.

Jason is right, you will really enjoy the big bookstores here, like Borders. You can browse the shelves for hours and curl up in their "cushy" chairs and read. In fact, I was just there yesterday.

No, no I'm not going to tell you if you get to see Boo. That would spoil the whole thing! :)

Btw, I do have a confession to make. I don't aaaaaalways read the classical types of literature. I read alot of the "popular" fiction as well. I like a good murder mystery and am not at all above reading a trashy romance.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Borders and other book stores are fun for browsing but if you're not careful you could go crazy and spend all your money for just a few books. Be careful. Check out Brentanos and other stores that sell "remainder" (overstock) books for half price or less. Remember that the store's markup on books is 100%. And check out used book stores. Your best bargains may be in the book section of thrift stores like Salvation Army where you can find books for fifty cents...some on the most surprising subjects. And instead of spending your money on mail-ordered books, why not list books you would like on your web site. Most people have boxes of books that they're like to find a home for. If they can cheap shipping and if they know that you will read them and appreciate them, they'd probably love to send them to you.

Morbid Smile said...

Hello everyone,

I'm sad that the tranquility didn't last for more than two days this time! A car was bombed in front of a children's hospital yesterday! So terrible. And people are going mad here cuz fuel's prises have gone up suddenly, the government raised the prices.

I also feel guilty cuz I know that I'll be in the U.S. soon where I'll be safe but my family and friends wil stay here in the danger! But I just can't do anything about this. I pray for everyone to stay safe.

You are right Mr. Anderson, nobody should live in such conditions, it's so crazy. I was talking with a friend few days ago and he was so mad at the it that he said even animals can't live such life! The price for freedom is so high and I hope that we won't pay anymore!

Dear pebblepie, good to see you again. I hope that your loved ones n Iraq will be back home to you safetly :)

Well, Jason, I'm afraid that once I get into one of those huge bookstores I'll never get out again!!! ;) One of the things I'm planning to do is to check those stores I see in movies!

Hello programmer craig, yes Amazon is so cool, but all what I can do now is checking the stuff online! No credit cards here! But I sure can buy lots of stuff from stores in Baghdad, there is almost everything here.

Lynnette, I'm dying to know the rest of the novel!! I didn't have time to read the last three chapter I have, I was looking at the book and saying "when will I have the time to read you!!" I'll just go read it now after posting this. I also read popular fiction, those kinds of fiction are easier to be found here, and also cheaper. I have some books of The New York Times Bestsellers as well. And I like trashy romance and mysteries alot! I'll tell you about the next book I'm going to read when I choose it ( I don't know what to choose right now, I'm concentrating on Boo!!)

Hello anonymouas, thank you for the tip :) A friend once told me about those used books stores. I doesn't matter to me if the book I read is new or used cuz most of my favourite books I buy here are either used or reported damaged! I can hardly find a brand new book so I'm satisfied with this :)

And about listing books I would like on my blog, it's a good idea but it also costs alot! It doesn';t cost me anything, but sending packages to Iraq is expensive. The package of books that I got from a lady in American costed 69 Dollars. Besides, I'll be there soon so I can get them there. Thanks for your concern :)

cooper said...

hey, I am so happy that you got those books. books are very special to me as well, especially when they are in a foreign language. I hope you really enjoy them.

attawie said...

Hi Hanoon.. how r u?
Mabrook for the new book you got.. It's really important to read about Islam.. you are going overseas and you'll meet a lot of people who think Islam mean terrorism.

I'm about to finish "the influence of Muslims scientists on European civilization". It's a good book.
I started ( before finishing this one ) to read Robert Fisk's "the great war for civilization". it's about the middle east and the struggle in this area.

Notice that you might not be able to take all your books with you. I had to leave namy of my books in Baghdad and then I left many others in Jordan. it's big lost for me.

Take care