Friday, December 30, 2005

Sick \ Miracleously Alive !!

Hello everyone,

I hope that people are still visiting my blog cuz I haven't updated for sometime now! I've been sick lately and couldn't check the blog or even the emails. Flu time!!

It happened three days ago. On Monday exactly. The weather got very cold in Baghdad starting from Sunday morning when I was at college. I go to college once a week to see some of my friends and to have fun. I woke up on Monday morning at 10 o'clock feeling sick. Then after an hour I decided to call Mom on her work to ask her about some pills to take, but I was shocked to hear my Mother saying to me "Hanoona, a car exploded in front of me, I'm coming back home now. Don't tell anybody!!" .. WHAT??!

I forgot all about my sickness, and kept walking back and forth inside the house waiting for my Mother to get back home. I was alone at home and I didn't call anyone to tell them about the news cuz mom told me to freak anyone out cuz she's alright. The time between home and Mom's work take about 15 minutes, but it took her more than 45 minutes this time! There was a heavy traffic jam, and the road was closed cuz of the car-bomb.

I imagined everything. I was afraid to open the door when she nocked cuz I thought that I would see her wounded like what we see on T.V.!! But thank God, she was ok. She was shaking, her voice was shaking too, and all what she said that she saw the police car burning and a man lying dead down the street.

The car-bomb was only few meters from her, but she was inside the building which saved her from the fires. She was standing near the front windows of the shop (her working place). And she said that everything was calm and normal untill suddenly she heard and sensed something unusual, something like an earthquack maybe. The door and the windows all fell down out of a sudden, and dust and smoke raised up in the air. Mom said that she was shocked and couldn't believe what happened that she stayed in her place looking at the glass falling down! My aunt and other two or three women were with Mom in the same place. They all ran to the back and started to scream and shout out of fear, they called for Mom to go to them but she said that she was scared to look back at them cuz she thought that the ceiling was falling down! She asked them if they were ok, and they said "yes", so she went back to them and stayed at the back of the shop.

The street was all showing in front of them cuz there was no door and windows anymore. Just like a movie theatre! Mom saw a police car burning in the middle of the street along with another car. The police car was the target. She thought that the other car is the car-bomd which exploded, but it wasn't. There were people inside this other car whom they burned inside! The car-bomb was on the right side of the street, and there were some other cars beside it which were all burning. There is a I.N.G. station in the same street, all the guards hurried to the "crime scene" to rescue people and to pull the cars to avoid more explosions. They could get Mom, aunt and the other women and people inside the building. They took them out to another place in the same building but far away from the fires. There police car kept burning for long time, and the bomb-car was fully loaded, so it kept firing! Mom says that the sound was horrifying and it's never like when we hear it from afar!

The policemen died inside their car, a Janitor of a school which is located right in front of the fires died, a teacher inside the school also died, and some other people were injured. The screen windows of the shops were all damaged, the street itself is damaged and is never the same again!

Mom was just few meters away from the car, and only few inches away from the windows which could have hurt her so bad! But she got out of this miracleously with no single injury. I thank God every single moment that she is still alive.

And that was another day in Baghdad !!


Lisa, New York said...


I'm so glad your mother is OK. That must have been so frightening!

I hope you're feeling better also.

Take care.

ac blue eagle said...

Terrible. I hope the day comes when the violence stops there! How terrible to have to live with that. I am glad your mother is okay.

RG said...

Sunshine's mother in Mosul almost got hit by a bullet on the same day your mother was near the car bomb in Baghdad.

I just commented on her blog that it seems many of the women in your family have blogs. I wish the men in your family had blogs too, so us guys can all talk about these crazy things!

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Oh, Haneen, I'm so sorry this had to happen to your mother. I'm glad to hear she wasn't hurt. Physically that is. The shock can't have been pleasant.

I hope things get better soon.

I hope your flu is of short duration. Take care.


P.S. We're getting a lot of snow here. It had melted quite a bit before Christmas, but now it's looking just like a Christmas card again.

Mad Canuck said...

Hi Haneen,

That must have really shaken your mother up. I'm glad she was okay.

PubliusK said...

Thank you for sharing, Haneen. The picture of Iraq and Iraqi's that you give to us is so valuable. I wish you luck and safety. Hold on and keep doing what you do.


Melantrys said...

Everyone seems to be close to car bombs these days....

*hugs Haneen*

cooper said...

hey haneen, I am glad to hear your mother is okay. what a frightening thing to go through. I hope you are feeling better as well.

I finally updated my blog....take care!

Morbid Smile said...

Hello friends,
Thank you so much for your kind and swet feelings :) Mom feels better now but sure this is something that she can never forget! She still talks about it though.

Merry Christmas to everyone

RG said...

IT IS NOW 2006!!

From America, Christina and I wish all of you a Great 2006

Live Safe BUT Live STRONG in 2006