Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Counting Down

Hello all,

Everyone is counting down towards the elections' day. I'll go to vote, and I hope that all of the Iraqis will do just the same. People started to stay at home preparing for the elections since today. My Mother didn't go to her job, and my Father came back early saying that the roads are almost empty. I think that if I could go out today I would see nothing down the streets but the so many posters of the lists and the elections!

Something new happened in my neighborhood today. There were some men who were distributing plastic bags contain posters and some other stuff of the elections. And the way they distributed those plastic bags was kinda fun; they threw them into the houses over the fences! They didn't even knock on doors. My aunt who happens to live in my area called us to say not to freak out if we see a bag flying in our garage! Anyone might suspect it to be a bomb! So, Iwaited, but I got no bag!! My aunt got one with a poster of Iyad Allawi's list.

I went to college on Saturday to meet some of my friends and to have fun. Everyone was talking about the elections and whom to vote for. Posters were everywhere of course, except inside the campus. A big explosion took place in a neighboring area near the university as I was walking into the building. The university's entrance was full of students going into the campus as it was 8 o'clock in the morning and all of them had lectures to attend. And when we heard the explosion everyone went saying "Oh my God, Allah Akbar".. I hear bombings very often since yesterday,and it's growing bigger this week. I think the reason is the approaching day of the elections. People want to go to vote for their future, and the terrorists are trying to stop them!

Talking about the explosions, I was chatting with my friend Blueman last night when he suddenly told me that a strong fire took place near his house. I didn't know what was going on, and I got the news from him this afternoon saying that fires and bombings were up all night in his region. He lives in an area in Baghdad which became one of the most dangerous areas lately. He said that it was exactly like war! And earlier this night, he told me that they have no water in the water pipes!! Sometimes when fightings happen in some areas, those places get disconnected from electricity and water for a day or two!! It happened alot in Aadhamyia where one of my aunts lives. Whenever a strong explosion and gunshots take place, the whole area gets cut off from electricity, and sometimes water too.

Now there are no schools and no universities, and there is a night cerfew from 10 o'clock till 6 o'clock in the morning starting from Tuesday night and until Saturday. I hope and pray that the election's day will pass very peacefully and that people will go to vote. I hope the best will happen to all of us.

Do you want to know for whom I'm going to vote??

I have a bad habbit of teasing people!!! ;) But hey you are my friends.

See the photos of the so many posters down the streets...

Well, it seems that somebody didn't like this poster, or let's say the man in the poster, and so he decided to do what he did! ..... "Democracy"

I'm voting for 731

I'm posting other pictures about the elections in my other blog, I hope that I will be able to publish it before the electricity goes off.

Good Night...


Bill said...

hummm...me thinks u should collect some of those posters...one day they will be historical collectibles

MrAnderson said...

Haneen, you are such a tease. Who is 731? Allawi??

Original_Jeff said...

If I were Iraqi, I would probably vote for 731 as well. My biggest concern would be corruption. What does Allawi say about the defense minister would reportedly stole over 1 billion dollars during his administration? Does he deny it or apologize for it? Does he have a plan to do better next time if elected?

jason said...

Haneen, much luck to you and your country in this election. So much depends on this. When do you vote? Iraqi-Americans are voting here in a number of cities with large Iraqi populations.

Those against bush here are really pressuring him to start to draw troops out as soon as possible. So much conflict here between the left and right wingers. A country truly divided. I've never seen america this way. Not since Viet Nam has this country been so torn apart.

Hopefully you will have a legitimate election and get leaders all Iraqis can work with. Be careful when you go vote, and best wishes for your country.

I just checked out your photo blog, you do have an "eye" for framing a photograph. Keep it up. I love seeing (and reading) what I can't see on CNN or BBC.

ps. bill is right about the posters being historically important. grab one for me if you get the chance! ;~)

Nabil said...


I like u, because you're going with Ayad Allawi, and that's the man I am going to vote for....


Nabil said...

I like u, because you're going with Ayad Alawi, and that's the man I am going to vote for...


I'd like to chat with you...
if you accept, you can find my ID at my blog...

Konfused Kid said...

Good girl...

i thought of Allawi but then opted for 618.
Allawi's gonna win anyways...
cheerios and keep up the faith

and tell me abuot the german mag

and visit me blog.

Ever Wisecracking Kiddo

cooper said...

best of the luck with the election! I hope it is a very happy day for iraq!

I think I would vote for allawi as well. it seems the current government has not done very much. although, they do have a tremendously difficult situation.


Mad Canuck said...

Hi Haneen,

Personally, I'd be in a bit of a quandary if I were over there. It's a big decision, since you will be stuck with whoever you elect for the next four years, and whoever you do elect will likely get to oversee the establishment of many key laws (criminal code, etc.) that will need to be established.

My friends over there all seem to favor either 731 or 618. It'll be interesting to see who will win.

michelle said...


I am most impressed with your blog. I am an American living in Florida. I have two girls and when I read your writing, you remind me of them. I love the attitude you have, the positivity of your writing. We here are all praying that with the new elections peace may come to your region of the world. Not only for your own prosperity, but so that the many sons and daughters of our friends and neighbors may come home soon.

Please don't get discouraged with the traffic (or lack thereof) to your blog. I will pass your link on to friends, so that they too may know that there is good in Iraq.

Peace my friend, many prayers and much caring,

Your friend,


Morbid Smile said...

Hello my friends,
I'm sorry for this delay in replying the comments. I have been disconnected from the internet since yesterday. I couldn't even post the other photos about the elections in the photos blog.

Bill and Jason, once I get some posters I'll keep two for both of you! ;) I once got one of the constitution and I still have it. I guess I'll ask my aunt to give me the plastic bag she got!!

Mr. Anderson, so you googled 731 and found that it's Allawi? Yes he's one I'm voting for. You asked me why I want to vote for him. Personally, cuz I like him. Aside from being a politician, he seems to be a good and kind man. And he's firm, and we need such a leader in the current time. The other lists are good as well, but this my choice :)

Original_Jeff, I think all of the lists have plans to fix the situation and to make things better once they are elected.

Hello Nabil, welcome to my blog. I'd like to chat with you someday as well :)

Hey Kiddo, it's good to see you back to the blogshpere again. I offlined you about the magazine, don't know if you got my messages though cuz I was having a terrible internet connection! Are you going to post about it in your blog? Good luck for you and the other people who are going to vote tomorrow. You've got a good choice as well. Hope the best will happen.

Hey Cooper, this is a nice photo in your profile :)Thanks for your wishes, and I wish you the same in your life.

Hello Mad canuck, first off, I got your email the other day and I'm sorry that I didn't reply you yet! Will reply soon :) I can't wait to see who's going to win either!

hi Michelle and welcome here :) I'm so happy to read your comment and hope that you will visit again.
I hope that tomorrow will pass very peacefully and that many people will go to vote. Thank you for your prayers, we appreciate it here.

Only few ours left, and we'll got to vote tomorrow. I hope that I will be able to make a post about it when I get back from the voting center. Good day for all...

hearmeroar said...

Hi Haneen, I just discovered you site had have really enjoyed reading your posts, I'm glad you are excited about the elections. I am a Canadian who is also 'going to the polls' in January to elect a new government (hopefully a new party). Anyways, unlike you I am not to excited by Canada's upcoming election, but am very gratefull to be able to vote. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

Leathtech said...

I found your blog today and boy is it refreshing to read about someone in Iraq who is not bashing the U.S. with every last word. I have enjoyed reading your personal accounts of life in Iraq. I wish you and your country all the best.

Anonymous said...

Lov your blog. I think the voting did exactly what it was supposed to do...have a compromise government. Best of luck....