Thursday, December 15, 2005

In The Elections Day

Hello everyone,

So it happened. Many Iraqi people went to vote today, the process ended at 5 P.M. The day was somewhat peaceful. The news reported some explosions inside the Green Zone and other places in Baghdad and other cities in Iraq. All the Iraqi channels are broadcasting live from voting centers in all over Iraq. It's showing people well dressed up as if going to a festival and walking down the streets, all happy.

Last night, while I was still online at 2 A.M., the phone rang but I didn't want to answer at first. It kept ringing so I decided to see who was calling us in that time. The phone machine showed my Grandparents' phone number so I freaked out and regretted that I didn't answer the call from the begining. It was my Grandmother's voice on the phone, I asked her what was up and she told me that the mosques are calling people not to drink water from the water-pipes cuz it's poisoned in all over Baghdad!! I knew they wouldn't let the day pass peacefully!!

I ended the call and ran upstairs to Mom who was sleeping. I was bare-footed, and I felt that my feet wouldn't move as fast as it could. Lots of images came to my mind in that moment. Images of dead people poisoned cuz of the water, scenes like the ones we all saw of Halabcha Massacre, people falling on the ground. I was saying to myself that the Secret of Life has turned to a deadly beast in Baghdad. I called my Mother and told her the news, she ran down stairs with me to call my aunts and tell them the news. It was 2:30 when the news spreaded all over Baghdad. We kept receiving phone calls one after the other, and the mosques kept calling and warning people not drink from the water pipes.

I went to bed after 3 o'clock but I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking of what might happen in the next day and how many people would die cuz of this. Then heavy gunshots started near home and it lasted for a long time, and American helicopters came after a while. The sky was up all night.

In the midest of that nightmare, I was very hungry!! I tried to remember when was the last time I drank water, but I couldn't remember.

I woke up at 7:30 this morning, and I saw an SMS from Blueman telling me about the news. And he also informed me that T.V. channels say it's a lie!! The water is not poisonous. My father went out to the supermarket to get us some water bottoles. All the bottoles were sold out! My grandmother said that their neighbor who is a shop keeper got out in the middle of the night and opened his shop cuz many people asked him to do this so that they buy bottoles of waters from him before they vanish from the markets in the next morning! And so it happened, all water bottoles vanished before 8 o'clock in the morning. Dad had to buy us Pepsi and Miranda instead of water!!

The Minister of Health announced that water is all fine and it has no poisons at all, and no cases were reported in Baghdad's hospitals. People started to use the water normally, but I couldn't drink water since yesterday. I grew scared of it now! I even faced difficulty when I brushed my teeth in the morning! I thought that water would eat up my face.

Some people say that it was a rumor to distract people from the elections, and some others say that members of a family in a certain area in Baghdad were poisoned cuz of something they ate or drank, and they thought that it was cuz of the water. So the mosques started to warn the residents of that region and the news got all over Baghdad. It all happened in less that one hour!!

My family and I went out at 11 o'clock in the morning to vote. All my neighbors were heading to the same place. My region is somewhat small, so there is only one voting center in it. I could see almost everyone there, I saw some of my old teachers in primary and secondary schools. Some of them were very old and could hardly walk. I also saw some girls whom I rememberd their faces as they were with me at school as well. I didn't know them personally but I could remember them. I saw two elderly couples walking out of the center, they were helping each other to walk among the masses. They were very old that they both had walking sticks to help them walking steadily. I looked at them and I was amazed to see such old people coming to vote, it must have been hard on them to get out of home and walk for long distance to cast their votes, but they did it.

After that, we went to my Grandparents house and has lunch there. The channels were all talking and showing scenes about the elections in Iraq. I came back home, took a photo for my finger with the ink.

Now the process is over, and there is another stage we have to go through, which is to wait and see who is going to win.

Much peace for all


Michelle said...

Welcome to Democracy Haneen.

We here prayed for a safe election day for everyone and it seems (for the most part) that it has been. I am glad that the Sunnis finally agreed to stop boycotting. It is much better for everyone, if everyone has a voice in government.

You had better wash that ink off your finger, it is still dangerous.

Much Love, Peace and Happiness to you, and many prayers.

Your friend, Michelle

jason said...

Hey there, miss. Glad to hear you are well after voting (nice finger!). Hopefully the expected violence after the voting is over does not happen. Lot's of talk on the news here that if the vote goes ok, then we can start stepping down the amount of soldiers we have over there. there's a lot of political fighting over this, but in my opinion, we should be slowly pulling troops out in 2006. we'll see i guess.

I'll let you know of any news blurbs on elections results that i hear over here. hopefully this is the beginning of your country's future.

something i realized earlier, when you are here for your masters degree you will be able to witness our elections too. We have a small election (mid-term election) in 2006 and then the big day in 2008 when we say bye bye to bushie. should be a very interesting election. well, have a good day/evening, miss haneen. you're in my thoughts.


Lynnette in Minnesota said...


You look good in purple! :)

Congratulations on your big day. I hope this helps to bring peace and stability to your country.

Stay safe,

O.K. this is the second time I've tried to post this. (My squiggly word was really weird.)

aNarki-13 said...

the water thingy was an obvious lie:

i was awake and posted bout this from the scene!

imagine washing up for prayers with pepsi.. now that's NOT a good thing to do!


Salam to Heeho and everyone, Congrats for voting! 731?

use Chlorine or washing detergents to remove the ink.. it works.

aNarki-13 said...

i meant Micho.. sorry!

Maddog said...

Wow Haneen,

How many of us can say that we participated in a truly magnificant experience?

Today will go down in the world's, Iraq's, and your history.

You were there to see and experience it.

We are all so jealous!

Original_Jeff said...

What a great day for Iraqis. As an American, I have alternately felt terribly shameful, proud, sad, angry, pessimistic, happy, and optimistic because of the events and U.S. actions in Iraq.
Today is a day to feel happy and optimistic and proud!
I am sure there will be claims of voting irregularities, but that is true of any election. You must look at the actual claims one at a time and see if they make a significant difference.

Also, your feelings about the water were familiar to me. When we had several people killed by the Anthrax letter in the mail, I did not want to touch the mail in my mailbox for a long time.

PubliusK said...


Good for you, Haneen. My hope is that this election goes a long way toward bringing an end to a tragedy of historical significance.

We have a very long difficult way to go but there is reason to hope today with this election and with the fact that we are apparently beginning to send our boys and girls back home in large numbers.

Let the healing begin and let us put faith in the fact that scandal, abuse, corruption and crime can and do exist in any government and that in the end, we will all be judged by how we set it right.

Morbid Smile said...

Hello everybody,

Thank you all :) Amazingly, it's been safe since the elections day! I didn't hear bombings and the news didn't report anything of that kind! I hope that things will get better soon and we'll settle down soon and live normally like other people in the world.

I'm sorry I didn't reply soon. I just had my internet connection fixed this afternoon.

Much love and peace for all...