Friday, December 02, 2005

Yesterday's Post

Well, I should have published this post yesterday, but I was disconnected from the internet for all morning and the afternoon time. And when I finally got the chance to get online and started writing the post, the electricity went off before I hit the "publish" bottom! That's so usual here!!

Anway, yesterday was the first of December. Before the war, this day was the Iraqi Martyr's day. I don't know if it's still the same now or th governement had removed it with some other memorial days. I remember one day at college, I was in the second stage, it was very cold in the morning and raining. The first lecture was this usualy subject we used to take at every grade in schools and universities that talks a little bit about the Iraqi history and so much about Saddam and Al Baath Party. Nobody in my department liked this subject, first cuz it wasn't of our field of study, and second cuz the professor who used to give that lecture was so boring! She had a Ph.D. in History, and she knew very well about the subject, but no one liked her! Even me.

So, in that day, we didn't take the lecture cuz there was an hour of silence in Baghdad, or maybe in the whole country, for the Iraqi Martyr's Day to remember the Iraqi soldiers who died in the so many wars we had.

The Martyr's Monument in Baghdad is one of the greates monuments in Iraq, now the government wants to remove it with other monuments cuz it's of Saddam's time! Well, I don't agree that it should be removed cuz it's our history and has to stay even if it remindes us of bad times. Check Photos From Iraq to see the monument's photos and other Iraqi monuments' photos.

Back to the first of December. It's not a real winter in Baghdad yet!! It seems that Winter is upset at the Baghdadis this year that it refuses to come! It rained few times here, and it was cold for a while, but it's not the real winter as it should be in this time of the year.

Again, the first of December, it was the AIDS Day. Or what it shoudl be called? Iraq is reported to have the least cases of AIDS among the other countries. That's a good thing.

On the first of December, I started reading a second book of that package I had from an American lady by mail. There are twenty six books ranging from fiction, non fiction, hitory, self improvement and other genres. The first book I read was "Personhood, The Art of Becoming Fully Human". I think the title can tell the book's contents. It was a very interesting book and worth to read. The second book is an American novel "To Kill a Mockingbird", it's a fameous novel which I have heard about so many time before, and I was so happy to see it among the other books I got. It's considered as a Modern American Novel written in 1960. That's my major for the Master degree :)

All the above was yesterday, and now we're back to the Present. What happened today? -Another lunch festival took place today, but it wasn't Dolma this time :), it was Kubba festival! Well, we can only gather for lunch at Fridays cuz everyone is either at work or university and we don't meet for lunch except for Fridays. So, on Fridays, Mom cooks for us anything that comes to our minds. Last Friday my mind talked and wanted Dolma. This Friday is Dad's turn, and he wanted Kubba. We were only three at lunch though, Micho was invited at her friend's for lunch.

Now I'm writing this and I see that time is passing. I'm listening to my MP3 songs which are all saved on my PC. The previous song was "Don't Speak" by No Doubt. The current song is Hotel California. The very previous ones were some of Chicago's old songs. This band remindes me of V.O.Y. F.M., the Iraqi radio station which used to broadcast songs and shows in English language before the war. Now the station is gone, I miss it! I used to listen to it all time although I never participated or called in any program in the station. It was fun and there was a specific time for each music genre. I liked the time between 10 P.M. and 2 A.M. Love songs like of Chicago, Westlife, Celine Dion, Michael Bolton and so many others.

Now I'm listening to Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You. It's one of the so many songs that also remindes me of V.O.Y. F.M.

Good Night


Mad Canuck said...

Getting rid of all the monuments built by Saddam seems a bit silly to me. After all, just because he is gone does not undo the last two decades of your country's history. In particular, it does not bring back to life the people killed in the Iran/Iraq war that the Martyrs' Monument was built to honour.

I've never been to Baghdad, but from the pictures, the Martyrs' Monument looks very beautiful. I really do not understand why someone would want to destroy it.

24 Steps to Liberty said...

i loved this entry. way to go.
hey u know what, i also am going to get my toefl scores today. i should have done this a month ago, but didnt have time to and didnt care becasue anyway i sent the application forms and there is nothing i could do now. but after i read ur scores, i felt that i should know mine too. i'll tell u what the score is when i get it.

also, u know, when u tal about love songs, i feel like u want to love. u need to love. but dont do it now, u have a long way to go through. who knows, u might fall in love there!!

Morbid Smile said...

Mad Canuck, the Martyr's Monument seems way more beautiful in reality. There is a huge amusement park around it which I used to go to with my family every spring vacation. I had very good times with my family there, and we once craved our names on the blue stones. I just hope that it will not be destroyed.

Omar, congradulations on your high scores, I'm happy for you. What did you apply to? All the best inshallah. Well, I think I have so much to do in the current time before falling in love! It will come someday and I'm not rushing it at all. Everything comes in its proper time, I believe.

Thanks for sharing your views :)

Anonymous said...

Did the person who mail you books happen to send you "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand? This is a must-read book--among the most influential books in American history.

It is the perfect antidote to all the bogus ideologies cicrulating in Iraq: anti-Americanism, Islamism, Baathism, Salafi, etc.

Morbid Smile said...

No, unfortunately AAtlas Shrugged" was not among the books I got by mail. I will look for that book though. I know that I can get it online but we are still have no access to credit cards in Iraq. So I'll ask someone out of Iraq to buy it for me.

Thank you for the note :)

Maddog said...

Hi Haneen!

I saw your post on Sunshine's blog.

I agree that history "is history". It's from where we come from. Imagine what the Japanese and German folks have to deal with.

I am so happy that you will be studying in the USA. You "will" find it to be an experience to be remembered!

Keep blogging. We in the USA need to know you in Iraq. We want that very much.


Morbid Smile said...

Hello Maddog, nice to see you here.. Welcome to my blog.

I hope that me and the other Iraqi bloggers will continue posting in our blogs, we also want the Americans and other people from around the world to know more about Iraq and the Iraqi people through our writings. I hope our blogs will be as good as it should be in order to serve this mission.

I'm looking forward to my trip to the U.S., I feel that it's going to be the greatest experience I ever have!

RG said...


Saw your post over at Sunshine and Emotions blogs and wanted to drop in and say "Hi!". I from, Dallas, TX, USA.

Congratulations on the excellent progress you are making on your education. And may your life be wonderful!

Morbid Smile said...

Hello rg,

Thank you for your sweet words, and welcome to my blog. Hope that you will visit again :)

Moutaz Haddara said...

I was just listenning to Nothing is gonna change my love for you too tonight.