Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Blue-Beard Man

Once upon a time, and a good time it was. There lived a weird man who had a blue rectangular-shaped beard. No one in the small village knew anything about him. Not even his name. He lived in a huge mansion all alone.

One day, as he was taking a tour in his carriage around the village as usual, he noticed a very beautiful girl walking on the roadside and carrying a bunch of white lilies in her hands. He decided to follow that girl at once to know her place of living! Finally he knew her home, and after nights of dreaming of her he decided to go and ask for her hands for marriage.

That beautiful girl, named Christine, was the most beautiful and the smartest girl in the village. The blue-beard man was way too old for her but she accepted to marry him cuz he's a lonely man and he needed people to be around him to love him and care for him. And so she was that one for him.

After they got married, they moved to his mansion which was located near the mountain. The house stood in that place all alone among the giant old trees. There was no sight for houses of even people in that place at all.

One day, the man gave Christine the mansion's keys and said "Here are the mansion's keys, now you are incharge of everything except for that black room in the basement!". Christine wondered what could be hidden in that room and why her dear husband would hide it from her! But she got no answer. Days passed and she couldn't stop thinking of that mysterious room. She was left alone at home by her husband for long hours everyday and there was no one around to talk with. Eventually, she decided to go down the basement and open the room's door to reveal her husband's secret.

She had the keys, and all what she could do is to wait for her husband to go out in the morning so that she's alone to go into the room. That minute came when she headed to her aim. Her hands were shaking as she put the key in the keys hole, but she was determined to know what was behind that door. The room was completely dark and there were no windows, but she could see everything.

The scene was horrified to the degree thst she fell down on the floor immediately, and the keys were lost from her on the ground. She saw dead bodies hanged from the ceiling!!! Those were the ex-wives of her husband. All died in the same terrible way and hanged side by side in that black room!!! Stains of blood were filling the room's floor, and the smell can make anyone faint.

She sat there crying her heart out looking at those poor women. She wondered what they did that made them deserve such this tragic death, and again, she found no answer! She started to think that her end might be the same. She looked for the keys in the blooded floor and rushed out of the room to call for her two brothers to come and rescue her from that devil.

Suddenly, her husband came back early and felt that there was something wrong going on. But she said that there was nothing except that she fell on the ground and hurt herself.

- "Did you get into that room?!" He said suspectedly.
- "Ah!... What room are you talking about, darling?!" She answered with a sound full of fear.
- "The room in the basement !" He shouted.
- "No, I didn't".

He suddenly became so angry and threw the keys in her face.

-"Then why the keys are full of blood?! ANSWER ME"

He didn't wait to hear her answer. He dragged her cruelly from her hair and took her down the stairs to where the room was. She started to sob and begged him not to kill her like the other women...... But all was in vain!

As he was preparing to kill her in that room, he told her that he killed them all because they didn't listen to him and opened the room's door behind his back, and that now she had to face the same destiny cuz she did exactly what they did before.

- "Women are all the same!"

She prayed that her brothers would be there in time and asked him to let her pray before he killed her. And he said O.K. She prayed and cried on that room's floor, and he was there right behind her heading his gun to the back of her head getting ready to pull the trigger whenever she was done.

And yet her brothers didn't show up!!

He shouted at her saying that was enough but she begged him for more ten minute.

Time elapsed quickly and her brothers were nowhere to be seen. She became very desperate and lost hope n everything. She started to think of her past life and her family... And her tragic horrible end. She doubted that anyone would know anything about the way she died, and that maybe other wives would come and die the same way!!

He couldn't wait for more time, and anger controlled him from head to toe, he shouted angrily as he pulled the trigger at last. She could hear it in her head. A gun shot was out, and she fell on the floor.. Covered with blood. He fell beside her too. He was killed, not her! her brothers were standing at the room's door. They could rescue her in the last moment.

She was saved by the bell !

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Bill said...

hello Haneen,

way kool story..Christine's motive for marrying the old man tho?? dosen't seem right.

i would like the ending better if say his anger while he is trying to hang her he slips and hangs himself..hehe..she locks the door the last scene she is riding around town looking for a husband.

take care

Pebble said...

Scary story!

Here is a message from our president to the Muslim population:

and here is a new postage stamp we got honoring Ramadan:

Hope you can come for school in the US soon!


aNarki-13 said...

Bluebeard's wives? nice one!

oh and really, do u prefer Heeho or whatta?? tell tell!

salam, dear friend!