Sunday, October 02, 2005

My Online Copybook

Micho reminded me of an old copybook I made by myself when I was in the elementary school. I used to write the cartoons' stories in my simple way, and I used to draw pictures of the characters as well. I remember that I wrote many stories that we used to watch on TV like that old cartoon "7kayat 3alamia" . I don't know where is that copybook now. Probably Mom threw it with other old stuff! Don't know.

So I saw that it might be a good idea if I rewrite those old tales now. But this time I will do it in English language and I will add more details. I don't remember the Cartoons I watched in details, so I might also change somethings in them.

The first tale will be titled "The Man With The Blue Beard" from "7kayat 3alamia". I wonder if you, Iraqi readers, remember this story! I am working on it in the background now, and I will try to draw some pictures as I used to do before. But this time it will be an Online Copybook!

And by the way, Micho started her own blog, and Attawie is back to the Bloggers world! Check them out.

Good Night!

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