Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tagged to an Assignment

I saw some Iraqi bloggers doing this assignment. Then Hassan sent me an email telling
me to do so as everybody is doing it. Seems fun indeed. So I thought of giving it a try and see what happens.

So here it goes...

Seven Things I plan to Do:
1. Go to the U.S.A. and study for my M.A. degree.
2. Apply for another study program for my Ph.D. while I'm in the U.S.A.
3. Read the 26 books I received from the United States lately. I started with the first book in fact.
4. Lose some weight. I'm not fat, but I want to lose weight.
5. Go shopping for my travel.
6. Start packing, after shopping.
7. Be someone that my parents can be proud of. They are already proud of me, but I wanna do things that make them be prouder.

Seven Things I Can Do:
1. Get online from 10 P.M. till 6 in the morning continuously.
2. Blog daily.
3. Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. over and over again.
4. Stay alone at home or anywhere else for a long time.
5. Stay sane in an insane environment.
6. make everyone feels hopeful and O.K.
7. Listen to music all time.

Seven Things I can't do:
1. Be good at politics.
2. Stop making friends.
3. Drink the necessary amount of water, cuz I forget !
4. Stop forgetting to do things.
5. Stop blogging.
6. Wake up early every morning.
7. Remembering new people's faces!

Seven things I say most often:
1. Is this the generator or the national electricity?
2. Who's online. ( I always as my sister this question whenever she's online).
3. Ahooo! When I get diaconnected from the internet.
4. I'm going to U.S.! (I say this alot these days.)
5. I forgot! .. I often forget.
6. Beeha al kheir. ( to end a conversation)
7. Cha shinsawee! (I make everyone angry with this!)

Seven bloggers I want to pass this tag to:
1. Micho La Jolie Fille
2. Attawie
3. Little Snippet
4. Anarki13
5. The_Kid Himself
6. AC Blue Eagle
7. Children's Voice From Iraq

Let's see more of those assignments.


Hassan said...

Hey Hanneen,

Great assignment. We seem to share the Ahooo part when the internet is disconneted. Don't forget to blog when you are in the U.S.

aNarki-13 said...

mine's in too..


Anonymous said...

You dont deserve to go to USA. You HATE the USA and in your blog you want death to US soldiers who liberated you. In your blog you were celebrating the defeat of America and the carbombing of innocent people. You want Sunnis to illegally rule over Kurds and Shiites, and you dont want US to stop you from doing that.

No, you DO NOT DESERVE TO STUDY in the USA. Get lost. Us Americans who lost our lives bringing freedom and democracy to you ingrates, do not need you to come to USA.

America does not need fascists and racists.

Morbid Smile said...

LOL !!


Anonymous said...

Happy to make you smile for a moment.

But seriously, you can't say you want to go to America, while you blast America for bringing democracy to Iraq. That is immoral.

BTW, do you support the carbombing of Iraqis that you suspect of collaborating with the Americans?

Morbid Smile said...

Wait a minute you!

" In your blog you were celebrating the defeat of America and the carbombing of innocent people. You want Sunnis to illegally rule over Kurds and Shiites, and you dont want US to stop you from doing that."

Where the hell did I say such things in my blog??! I didn't celebrate the defeat of America! Was America defeated already?? And where did I say that I want Sunnis to illegally rule over Kurds and Shiites??! You get lost! Don't attack people before you fully understand what they mean, and it's very obvious that you really didn't understand what I meant in my blog!

Besides, why do you read my blog if you don't like what I say? Ha??

You can't attack people by being anonymous!

Morbid Smile said...

the last comment is deleted, and i will delete any further comments if you don't stop this! First i didn't support any assassinations, not in Mosul and not everywhere else!

Second thing, I never said that I support killing journalists! That's nonsense.. I don't know where do you get these thoughts from!