Saturday, October 15, 2005

Two Photos With Different Stories

This first picture is of three baby porcupines in the size of hand. I like this kind of pics, actually I got it from Pebblepie and she told me that it is O.K. to post it in my blog. Thank you!

Now the other picture is what I wanted to talk about. Sure all Iraqis know who is Qasim Abu Al-Qas ! Now the second picture if for this famous resturant in Aadamyia district in north of Baghdad. I live near this area, and I spent most of my childhood there. But Ironically, I went to this resturant only once in my whole passed life! That day was the one of the happiest days in my college life. It was November 2002 when my friends and I suddenly decided to go pay a quick visit to Qasim Abu Al-Qas and buy Schawarma Sandwitches ( I hope the spelling is correct!). In that day, we were celebrating the birthday of F. ( I mean by "we" a group of six girls. We were together all the time). It was winter and very cold in that day, we almost had no lectures and we didn't know what to do to spend time. It was almost 1 o'clock afternoon, and there was still one hour and a half to go back home. Attawie suddenly popped up with an idea to go to Qasim Abu Al-Qas to buy fast food and go back to have it at college. It was O.K. with everyone of us except for Shabnem who refused the thought completely! I remember that she used to refuse to go out for lunch everytime during the first two years of college. But later it became ok with her to go out with us, she even came with me and my family on that picnic to the North of Iraq.

So went out of college at that day arguing! The first thing we used to argue about everytime we went out is that who should sit in the front chair!! No one us accepted to sit there, as if the taxi driver would bite us!! So everytime we were fighting on that issue making some funny excuses! One of those excuses were.. " You are fat, if you sit in the back chair with us there will be no enough space for the six of us!" Another excuse was.. " I can't sit in the fron chair, my skirt is kinda short and the driver might keep looking at me!!" or.. " No way! The taxi driver smells so bad !!" ... I laugh when I remeber this.

So in that day, the six of us were stuck in that " Brazili " taxi ! All of us wearing thick and long coats! Some were fighting and some were laughing, and F. ordering us not to laugh or talk in front of the taxi driver... ( 3eb baba don't laugh). Anyway, so we got to the resturant, stood there and ordered our take-away meal, then came back to college with our food. On our way back. When we came back to college, we saw Muhammad Sabir, a Plestenian student in my class, and he said that a professor was looking for us cuz we skipped her lecture!
All this, and Shabnem kept frowning at us all day long that day!

This post is a reminder for me to keep remembering college days.


Pebble said...

Oh sounds like fun times indeed!
Girlfriends are so very important in growing up.

That pic of the baby Porcupines, is one of the sweetest things I've seen in a long time.

I'm watching your election and praying for everybody's safety.


Ralph said...

Hello from Vancouver BC Canada
I'm reading about your needs and
the events that are occuring. I pray that resolvement comes to the
people of Iraq. I also pray for
everyone's safety. (rtg)

attawie said...

I remember that day very well.
I missed these days when I studied in Amman.

I can't imagin how we were 6 girls in one cab!!! but it was real fun.

The sandwicheds were woooooow.

and it was the first time we skip a lecture and go OUT of the University.

it was a great idea

Anonymous said...

hello again its me Ardalan ......wanted to say hello again Hanin y ur not answering my notes ?

Anonymous said...

hey Hanin u can send me emails
at :