Thursday, October 06, 2005

Photos From Iraq

Hey all,

I started a new blog today. It's Photos From Iraq, and it will contain only photos from different places of Iraq with comments on them. I would like to know if anyone of you likes to join and become a member of the blog to share any photos you have about ANYTHING in Iraq.

Email me to send you an invitation.

Thanks and peace for all


Anonymous said...

im not understanding why you want to go to the US and study here if you hate america, americans, and the american government. if you have such hatred for americans and blame them for all the troubles in iraq, then why not just stay in iraq and go to the wonderful universities there? im sure you would be much happier there.

Morbid Smile said...

I never said I hate America or the American people! And yes, it is my dream to study there. If I don't like the American government, it doesn't mean that I don't like the American people. I have many American friends and I like them alot.
Besides, many Americans hate the their government. So what difference my feelings about it would do!?

Politics is out of my mind.

dana in france said...

Your page devoted to photographs is a wonderful initiative, Haneen. Bravo!

Part of the reason why aggressions like the terrible one being brought against your country have popular support in the US is because Americans know very little about Iraq, hence cannot imagine the lives, the beauty and the art that are being destroyed in their name. — Had they been allowed to imagine themselves with you, I think we can all be sure this war never would have happened.

I've just discovered you via Najma's Mosul Star and look forward to visiting here often.

Love to you from Paris, dear Haneen

Anonymous said...

how can you have a deep hatred for the american government, but not hate the people that support it? over half of the american people voted for bush, including me, so how can you not have a sick hatred for people like me? why would you want to come to the US and be near people like myself? i appreciate your honesty about your opinions, but perhaps you should try studying in another nation, like canada. canada loves muslims....they will let practically anyone into their country. you will have a lot of muslims there to be friends with and im sure they have some nice schools too. graduate school is very important and you dont want to go to a place where you would be unhappy for years, so i think going to canada or maybe a different muslim country would be best. take care!

ChildrenVoiceIraq said...

Hi Haneen I am verey happy for all you done with my blog I will visit your blog daily and try to add your blog I think you are brave just contuinue with honest ideas and my all pleasure