Monday, October 10, 2005

Me and the U.S.A. !!

Hi all,

Maybe you are wondering about the post's title now. What is between me and the U.S. ! In fact, an anonyomus commenter had earged me to write this post indirectly. This commenter has been asking me a couple of times why do I want to study at the U.S.A. if I hate the American poeple and the American government ! Now I want to make somethings correct, so this post is dedicated to you, dear anonymous, and to all my friends and blog visitors who had mistaken me on this issue before.

First of all, this post is not a political one, I'm just correcting some ideas that some people have about me in this matter. So here it goes:

I never said that I hate the American people, and I don't hate them at all. I just don't know how you got this thought about me. Maybe now you will say that America invaded my country so do I still like its people! I will tell you, I have many American friends, some of them are American soldiers working in bases in Iraq and inside the Green Zone. I met many Americans via the internet and I made good friendships with those people. Some of them helped me by sending me books and stuff I need. (Do I hate the people who help me?!)... Above all, America is making my dream come true by studying abroad... and who knows, I might be able to live there for the rest of my life!

I know that you say the American people are the American government and if I hate one of them then I should hate the other one. I would like to say something here.. Am I obliged to like all the the presidents and governments of the countries in the world?! I DON'T LIKE MY GOVERNMENT EITHER !! You will ask why do I hate my government.. I will simply answer by saying that it gave me nothing at all, and it didn't make any good thing for my country since it has been elected and till now! ... ( Excuse me, this is my own opinion only, other people might see that I'm wrong about it.. But this is up to me only!) After all, everyone is free with what he/she thinks of.

Back to the anonymous commenter, I hope that you are reading this, You think that I would be unhappy if I study in the U.S.A. cuz I will be with people I don't like! I say no, on the contrary! I have friends there and I like them, and I know pretty sure that the American people are very kind and friendly people ( I say this on several experiences I had with them). And being in a Muslim or Christian community makes no difference for me as long as we are all human beings and share the same charecteristics; humanness, and the will to live in a peaceful and safe atmoshpere. We are all human beings and there is no importance if we share the same political views or not. We can all live peacefully together and we can love each other apart from our governments. This is my point of view at least !

I know that the American government is a good one and it does lots of good things for the American people. I know that many people voted for Bush to be the presidents for a second term, and that there are other people who didn't vote for him and didn't want him to become the presidents again... And yet they still communicate with each other.. If I hate or let us say "don't like" the American government, this doesn't mean that I can't live with the American people and can't study there either! I won't ask all the American people I meet if they hate or love their governments! This is a personal opinion and no one can interfere in it no matter what. I am not an American citizen, and I just see that my opinion and feeling about the American government is of no importance. And for me, I don't mix between the government and the people of a country.

This is my personal point of view about the whole matter, I know that other people might have opposite views. My opinion is up to me, and your opnion is up to you and I fully respect it.

Dear anonymous, I wish if you are reading this now so you could tell me your opinion after I made myself clear to you and to other friends :)

Peace for All ...


Anonymous said...

i didnt expect that my comments would cause a new post. i was only trying to keep you from making a big mistake. there are several reasons that you should go to canada or another country over the US, and the fact that canada has many muslims is just one reason. going to canada and being with fellow muslims will help you adapt to a new culture and new society. moving from iraq to the US would be a huge change since the culture is so different and you wouldnt have any family here to help you with the adjustment. if you went to canada you could find a lot of mosques and be friends with all the muslims there. also, you said you dont like your government because it hasnt done anything for you. the US government doesnt do much for its citizens either because they are expected to help themselves first. but in canada there is a socialist system, so there are many free handouts that the government gives people. im sure you would rather be in a country with all those social programs. i dont know anything about their schools, but im sure you can find a few nice ones there and they are probably very easy to get accepted into also, which is another benefit. you wouldnt have to work as hard in college there as you would at a good school in the US. you would have a lot of free time to do fun things with your muslim friends. America is cold too, and has a bad reputation throughout the world. being in the middle east, im sure you know that the US has a bad reputation. it would be better to go to a country that is well-liked, such as canada. also, i think you are underestimating the problems that can be caused when you dont like a government. for example, i dont like communism or kim jung-il, so it wouldnt be wise for me to study in north korea because all of those people love the maniac. sure, a few dont like him, but a lot do. i wouldnt enjoy myself there....just like you probably wouldnt enjoy yourself in the US. in fact, surveys show that 25% of arabs believe they have been discriminated against. you dont want any of that. go to canada instead and enjoy your time in graduate school. i hope this helped with your decision. take care!

alhakak said...

Wow, I don’t know what to say but you are not an American Mr. Anonymous. Everything you said is absolutely against everything America stands for. America stands for freedom of speech, strong cultural environment, and freedom of religion like you have never seen anywhere in the world. You said that there aren’t a lot of Muslims here in the USA and Haneen should go to Canada cause there are a lot more Muslims there. What about the 7 million Muslims who live in the USA? Doesn’t that outnumber the 1 million Muslims who live in Canada? You have not even done your research.

You said if you don’t agree with a government policy you shouldn’t go to that country, so I am assuming that you are suggesting that all the democrats in America should pack up and leave tomorrow cause they don’t agree with Bush. Plus, all the Americans who live and work in the Middle east should do the same. I mean come on… who are you? I am sure you are some guy who hate America himself that he wants to push people away from it.

I am a Muslim who lives in America and I want to let you know that I love this country more than you do cause I respect what it stands for. I practice my religion freely, I life with four Americans and I am an American Citizen myself. I went to college here and I had nothing but respect and great friendship from my professors and my fellow students who were mostly American and also a mix of people from all around the world.

So maybe you should leave America and go live somewhere else. Cause you know what? America is the land of the Immigrants.

Anonymous said...


i never said that america didnt stand for freedom of speech or religion. also, nobody knows exactly how many muslims live in the US because many have been reluctant to disclose their religion since 9/11, but i meant that canada has more muslims per capita than the US. im sure the US has more muslims, but there are also almost 300 million americans. she would easily meet more muslims in canada than here. im sure if she moved to kentucky, idaho, or indiana she wouldnt find many muslims here. i was only giving my advice to her about the best place for her to go for graduate school. canadians love muslims, in fact they considered altering their legal system to include sharia. that is the best place for muslims to go, not the US. stay away from the US

alhakak said...

I think you just don't like Muslims and that is why you don't care for them to come to the United States. But let me tell you one thing, Muslims in the USA are a real resource against fundamentalism and extremism within the small fractions of the Islamic world. Now if we all listen to you then we are going to alienate people who can be great allies in the war on terror. Instead of telling Muslims to go to Canada because for some reason you think America is not for Muslims, you should ask them to come and see how America is a great country that stands for great things, which is the opposite of what they hear from people like Bin Laden who says America is the devil.

Islam is the 4th largest religion in The United States. But you know what, that doesn't matter. Your religion or ethnicity doesn't determined weather you should come to the USA or not. That is called discrimination. I know you are trying to be smooth about it and make it sound like you are trying to help Haneen, but you are clearly being racist and prejudice.

If you are worried about Haneen not finding anyone who is Arab that she can hang out with when she come to America, don't worry... she can come and stay with me and my family here in NY. problem solved.

Nancy said...

I just wanted to make sure that you are not being concerned with anonymous comments...he/she is someone who is trying to hold back someone like you who obviously has a bright future in front of her...just know this: getting selected to study in the U.S. by the Fulbright scholarship is an awesome thing and shows how intelligent and motivated you will come to the U.S., you will study and get your degree, you will make lots of friends (not just muslims or arabs as anonymous said, but you will meet people from every nationality and religion you can imagine), and you will love your experience here.
In my 7 years in the U.S. my friends' list couldn't be more of a mix of nationalities, religions, backgrounds, cultures etc.

so don't worry you will be absolutely fine...and oh yeah of course you are always welcome to come stay with me in Atlanta (even though I'm not muslim)!

attawie said...

I'm with nancy and alhakak..
Haneen .. don't listen to this annymous.
you know me and u know my family. my mom finished her highschool in the states and my aunt and her family are American citizens.

to solve the problem alhakak is right. and u can stay with my cousins. and have fun while u r getting ur MA.
just believe in what u r doing and u'll do it just fine.

Gibbie the labrat said...

Most of us don't much like the Bush administration either. Some are dyed in the wool leftist liberals, others are moderates (like me) who've had enough of the secrecy, cronism, and bad judgement of Bush and co. He's not a bad person, just not who I want for president right now. Unfortunately Kerry was a worse choice, I thought at the time. Anyway govts around the world aren't all that popular.

Morbid Smile said...

So you insist that I don't come to the U.S. ?! I tell you what, I'm going there inspite of everything. This is my dream and I worked hard to accomplish it, and now there are only few steps to make it come true. But why should I go to Canada where I know no one there!? It's right that I will be without my family in the U.S., but I have friends there.. And friends can be a huge family regardless of their religion and nationality. I know people in America whom I can go to if I needed any help, but there is no one to help me in Canada.

Another thing, most of the scholarships programs provided for the Iraqi students are to the U.S. and they are the best.

I know and I'm sure that I won't be alone there. Besides, We are a group of 40 students, I'm not going there by meself.

And being with Muslim or non-Muslim people is almost the same for me. I would like to meet people from different religions and cultures to improve everything about me and to know more about the world I live in.

Going to the U.S. is going to be the best thing I will ever have in my life, I'm not going back on that dream. America is the place where everyone wants to go and see. And for what you said, anonymous, it didn't change anything. I'll go and I'll be fine.. You'll see !

Thank you guys for your nice comments and support. I know you will be there for me when I need your help once I'm there.

Attawie, remind me to ask you about your aunt's adress before I leave :) And by the way, I might come to Dubai this desember with Mom !!

Love for all ...

Anonymous said...

i didnt mean for it to sound like i was trying to keep you away from the US or that i didnt want you to come here. i know a lot of foreign students though, so i just wanted to give you a few things to think about before you make such a huge decision. im sure wherever you go you will be fine. what schools are you applying to?

Morbid Smile said...

Thanks for coming again :)

I am aware of everything you said, and I thought of it many times before I made my decision of going to America. And in fact I had some options but this was the best for me. The Fulbright Program is a very famous one all around the world, and anyone would be so lucky to be accepted in it, I am one of those lucky people! What is good about it is that it is fully funded and it gives you the best education in the United States. One of the reasons I don't wanna go to Canada or any other country to study at is that I can't afford to study and live abroad for two whole years on my own.

I am applying for the American Literature field of study, specializing in the Modern American Novel. See, that's another reason why I want to go to the U.S.
And for the university, the Fulbright takes my qualifications and present them to the American universities to see which university will accept me. And I was told that I might be accepted in a university which is in the same level of Hravard and Yale !!

Pebble said...

Oh Haneen that was an EXCELLENT rant! I loved it and agree COMPLETELY!
You would not believe all the blogs I read, half are against everything I think, but I still read them I never am rude to them... I'm not in their shoes and they are not in mine. I read all sides to help put the puzzle together.
I love all people, I LOVE Muslim people as much as anybody, even myself... There are things I don't like in the Koran and I think should be changed, may be someday it will not actually change (You can't change the word of God) But at least interpret it correctly, so the violence stops. Allah/God does not like people killing people. Any people killing any people.
But some things are worth fighting for. People have a God given right to live a happy free life. All governments have their problems, and yes so does the United States. That’s a part of life, no matter where you live.
I see many Muslim girls walking to and from school; they do very well and get on fine with their classmates. We have all religions here… I’m Christian and go to my Christian church, but I have gone with friends to their Church/Synagogue/Mass, I’ve never been to Mosque, no one has invited me. But if they did I would go with much joy.
And my friends who are not Christian have come with me to my church… It’s fun to see how other people worship God. I don’t try to convert them, nor do they try and convert me… We go with each other to help us understand each other better… People hate what they fear, and what they fear is the unknown… So I say go find out! You then know and no more fear no more hate.
There are good and bad everybody, good and bad, cops/police, teachers, hair stylists, soldiers on and on. It is this way everywhere in the world. Always has been always will be.
When you get here and if you should have a problem you contact me, or Nancy or Fayrouz… we will help you. If it is a small problem, still take care of it, a small problem quickly grows to a big one if it is not dealt with. If people try to talk to you badly re politics or religion or anything, then doesn’t communicate with them, they are some trouble maker. Some people just love to argue… I say people can have differing opinions and still get on quite well and be the best of friends, I know, I have some like that.
Now you must email me or give me your email address I have the cutest picture you ever saw! You got to see it to believe it… Three porcupine babies in a human hand, the most precious picture I’ve seen in years, but I don’t know how to email it to you!
My email is
When you get the pic feel free to post it if you want, it’s such an awesome sight! Everybody will enjoy it.
Be well and safe my sweet Iraqi jewel. And thanks for your loving heart.

ac blue eagle said...

Good luck with your studies in the US, and should you get to Harvard and you want to major in American literature? Let me tell you, Boston has some of the greatest book stores in the US (except for Powell's in Portland, Oregon). I love Boston (just over the river from Cambridge and Harvard) for its book stores.
Have a great time!

richsanter said...

boston is a great town, i would go to harvard over penn because philly is ghetto. stanford is also nice if you enjoy warmer weather. you might want to try nyu or columbia too if you would like to live in nyc. are you planning on visiting the US first to check out some schools before you make your decision? if you get the scholarship you would probably have your pick of any school in the US, so you have a lot of thinking to do, like what size school you want, what part of the US you want to live in, etc. good luck

Iraqi said...

if you study in a university in California, San Diego will be a good place, the weather is like Mosul's weather all the year long and there is an Iraqi community of over 50'000 living here, if you need any help or information send me an e-mail:

Pebble said...

If I was so fortunate to visit another country, I would want to take it all in, not find some American only part, what would be the point of that?

America is HUGE... people live in very hot deserts like in Iraq, freezing cold mountains, lakefront property, in big cities and little cities... I myself don't like big cities, I live near Seattle, a small city, with a warf and boats and ferries and all kind of fun stuff to do there, book store, curiosity shopes, it right on the water so you see them flinging fish through the air and you pick the fish you want, coffe house, places where you just sit and listen to poems, you can go up in the space needle to get a good view of the city b ut better then that just drive up Queen Anne hill and stop at the park... Beautiful
You an jump on the Ferry for five bucks and go on a two hour ride...
Yes Seattle is nice small city. I wouldn't be caught dead in Los Angeles, or downtown New York City, but many love those big cities...They have huge broadway shows, and so many lites all sparkly.

Haneen I'm so happy for you... I live pretty close to the Canadian border and it's very nice there, I go for day trips or to go snowboarding at the lodge. I have never had a problem there, my 20 year old daughter and her friends go over to Party in Canada, they can drink there legally, but not in the states...Canada has more relaxed laws... and it a nice place to visit. America lacks nothing, everybody here came from some other place except for Native Indians...
I can't imagine why anyone would not want to be in a place like America, it's NEVER boring. If you want quiet you can find it, if you want loud noise you can find it... I have lived here my whole life and have still yet to see many things here that I want to see, like Mt. Rushmore. I used to live very close to Yosemite National Park, it's breathtaking and there are many others. You will be very happy here.

Did you get the baby porcupine pic?

Morbid Smile said...

Well, I don't have any clue about the university and the State I'm going to stay at. I will know all about this around January 2006. And for me, any college will be so cool as long as it is inside the U.S. !

When I applied to the Fulbright Program, I was given the option to list the names of three univesities I want to study in, but this option is not going to be granted for sure.

Untill now, I can't imagine myself there! I still have no idea about how is it going to be!