Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My Blog is Back!!

Ramadan Kareem for all of you Bloggers, visitors, anonymous commenters... and to the whole Islamic world. I pray in this month to God to save us all and to protect us and our country from the harm. Inshalla next Ramamdan we'll be free of occupasion.

My blog is back at last !

I was having a problem to view my blog since two days. I don't know what happened to it. So I had to change the template, and now it's back again. But all my links and stuff on the sidebar are gone now!

Now I have to redo the hard works again to bring 'em all back.

I will post the first story by night maybe.


Treasure of Baghdad said...


Ramadhan Karim!! I want to thank you a lot for the Baghdad poem. You know what? Every Friday, we have a Friday dinner with my friends, Iraqis and Westerners and I read a poem every night. Last Friday night, I read a poem about Baghdad that I posted once in my blog. It is called "Wine and Grief" by Mudhaffar Nawwab. Everybody liked it and clapped when I finished reading it. Do you mind if I read the poem you posted about Baghdad?

Hassan said...

Hey Haneen,

Hamdela Al-Salama. Your blog is looking nicer than ever, ahh and the links are good. Guess your hard work isn't gone at all.

Konfused Kid said...

Write On Sis...we've been waiting for quite a while...

stay sharp!