Saturday, September 10, 2005

Back to school in mind.. False and true friends

Tomorrow is the first day of school. All of my little cousins are getting ready for this day. I remember that I used to wait for this impatiently. Those days are over four years ago. And so as college days now.

I remember that when I was in High School, there was a chemistry teacher in my school whom I hated alot ! She used to bother me all the time during the class, leaving all the other students and orders me to stop talking even if I wasn't talking! She wasn't an old teacher, probably that was her first or second year in teaching. One day during her class, I was sitting in the first row and the student who used to sit beside me was absent. The teacher, Miss Huda.. that was her name, was writing on the blackboard. Suddenly she said angerly "Haneen, stop talking!" The whole class was silent at that time! I told her that there is no one beside me to talk with! The girls laughed and told her that I wasn't really talking..
Well, I don't know why the hell she used to do this with me! I know that students like to talk and make noise in classes, but I wasn't that type at all. The same thing happened with my sister and Miss Huda, she was taking them in chemistry too and she said that same phrase " Stop talking Marwa!" ... ta da ! Micho was absent that day!!!!

So it's the war !

Another teacher in that same school, the Physics teacher. I guess her name was Istabraq. She was also a young teacher, not that pretty and not even lovely. She was taking the other class and I passed by the door to go somewhere I don't remember. She laughed and told the girls in class and said " Look, she's wearing Neelz's shoes!" It wasn't like Neelz's at all !! high wide heels, the color is offwhite, looks like a traning shoes. Neelz had wooden shoes!!

So it is another war !!

By the way, in case you don't remember Neelz, he's that Cartoon character with the white duck Morton and his little rat Rat. remember him now?!

I changed high schools twice as we had to move to a new home. The first one was called "Al Istiklal" and the second was "Yafa". Then I went back to Al Istiklal in my last year of school. I stayed the first year in Al Istiklal, the second, third, fourth and the first term of the fifth were in Yafa, the second term of fifth and the sixth stages were in Al Istiklal again. Those two teachers were in Yafa. Everything was not nice about that school, I didn't like that much in fact. But it was the only school near my home. We moved to Ur District in Baghdad at that time and Yafa school was the nearest one near home. My sister and I were not used to that crowded region and we refused to go to a far away school. Yafa was in the same street of my house, in fact it was directly in front of it. I could look at the school from the window!

The girls there !! Oh my God, most of them were horrible terrible miserable ! Very jealious from each other! Always making problems. It was hard for me to get real friends when I was there. I knew all of the students in school, I had friends there but they were not faithful to me unfortunately! I was an ordinary students, it wasn't my fault if I had colorful big bags or nice watches! They (my friends) thought that I was showing off by these stuff! They used to tell me that I had a nice bag or watch or whatever, and when I'm away from them they used to say to each other " Look, as if she is the only one who had those things!" I never showed off. I see that to have the things you like is a normal thing, they didn't know this! It was rather a poor neighborhood, their moms were old women who are dressed mostly in black. While my mom had a car of her own and looks young. Some of the girls mistook her to be my elder sister and they were shocked when I said "No, this is Mom" ! My friend almost saw and knew everything about how I live my life, they used to come over to my house after school somtimes. I never went to their houses cuz they were very far away and I wasn't allowed to go somewhere far in that area. According to my friends, I was the spoiled girl who gets everything!

I believed them and took them as my real friends, we were five or six, I don't remember exactly. But they cheated me, talked badly about me! I didn't do them any wrong, I just was different from them.

That area was never meant for me or my family. But we had to move in there cuz we couldn't find another home to buy at that time. It was a temporary condition untill we built the home we are living in now. Then we went back to my old neighborhood near Aadamiya. And I was back to my old school and the old friends, I decided to forget all about those false friends of Yafa.

However, I don't have friends from school days now. Everyone of us went to a different direction. The real friends I have now are the ones I met at college. They worth it to be called REAL FRIENDS. Attawie is one of them. I always mention them in my posts but not with their real names. They are F. or sometimes I call her by her real name Farah. Shabnem, Saegh, N. or sometimes the real name Niam, and Attawie. We are six, and will always stay six forever..

Girls, I really appreciate and adore this friendship of yours. I shall keep it forever in my heart. I love you all.

The don't visit the Blogger but the least thing I can do to them is to mention them here.

Peace all :)


Konfused Kid said...

My sweet friend, ur post reminded me of high school all over again...
keep writing, i read all ur post fervently, and best of luck in ur future career...

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend,
You have a great a bility to depict the facts from that time, you drew a 3D portraite from that days, everyone has good and bad diaries.
Go on with your writtings, I'm sure there are many worthy-mentioning issues in everybody's memory..especially in Iraq.

Bless you

aNarki-13 said...


nice one.. everyone has a couple of those friends..

i know i had my share.