Saturday, September 17, 2005

Say Hi to My Gang!!

Say Hi to the Cool Guy!

It's been long time! I don't know why but I don't feel like posting anything here these days! I don't even have any good stuff to write about. Everything is making me feel down.. starting from the massive killings and bombings in Iraq, the endless waiting for the Fulbright result.. to everything else! I tried to write this post many times but everytime I publish it I get disconected from the internet ! Even the internet is not normal these days.

The Fulbright result should come out within these days. I don't know how to think about it. It will decide the next two years of my life and the following years as well. I don't know what I should be doing in case I don't get the scholarship. I'm so excited about it and I think that I will feel broken if the result is "NO". I think alot about it and can't stop this! I'm having so many dreams at night that I see myself moving to a new home, or going on a trip to the north of Iraq. My aunt had a dream few days ago; my Mom was preparing for a huge feast in the dream, and she invited a minister to that feast and we were moving to new home, again. The moving to a new home is one of the dreams I have every night! But in every dream I see myself getting into the new home alone, having mixed feelings of happiness and sadness. Happy cuz I'm moving to the new home which is very big and stylish, sad cuz I'm leaving my current home which I love so much. Who knows maybe this means that I'm leaving my family soon!

I'm the worst person when it comes to politics, it makes me angry to talk about all of those horrible things that are happening to us. It's unfair. It's all for no reason. People die for no reason here just because they are poor people who are meant to be in the wrong place and time.

Since I have no good materials to post tonight, I decided to put my toys' pictures here (My Gang). People, please keep coming to my blog. I swear I will write about good things within the coming days. I'm just having a run of bad mood now! That's all :)

This is my GANG, but those are not all of its members.Someare being shy!

And another pic of the Gang's main leaders!

The sweet Chicken

Peace All........


aNarki-13 said...

killer chicken.

me like... too much!

cheer up friend, there is hope yet.

Konfused Kid said...

liked ur toys...
maybe i will do one of my guitar...

keep in touch, we're reading

Aunt Najma said...

Hey, I'm visiting every day searching for a new post..
And this one is good too, so don't worry..

About the gang, I gave up my last toy this week, enough is enough. I'm not much into toys, so they just move next door to my sister's room.

Hope the best happens, whether you're approved or not, hope for the best.

aNarki-13 said...

come on Heeho where r u? u dont even send emails to the group that much!

come on ms.carbet!

joke, and don't start shooting! :D come on smile now!