Tuesday, September 06, 2005


This is the surviving manuscript of the first English poem "Beowulf". Written in the time between the seventh and the tenth century of the first mellineum of this era. This manuscript can be found in the British Museum. Beowulf is one of the books that I received from the U.S.A. in that package. I started reading this book directly. It consists of 2180 lines written in the Anglo Saxon English or what is known now as Old English. The auther of this long poem is anonymous... It's about a Scandanavian hero called Beowulf who fights the huge giant Grendal to death, and then faces Grendals mother and kills her.. Then he goes back to his homeland and dies... It is a piece of literature of the Anglo Saxon's reign about the adventures of that time. It's an epic more than a poem.

Now you wonder how can I read a book written in the Old English! Well, the book I have is translated to Modern English, and there is also the original script with it. It's totally vague and so different from the English language we speak nowadays. It's so amazing to see how language changes by time..

I found this E-text for the Beowulf, it's not the same translation I have in my book, but it's similar to it. You can read it if you are interested :) Let me know your opinion...

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Anonymous said...

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Truth About Iraqis said...

Beowulf is actually one of my favorite oral epic. It didn't start out as a book, you know. It was a folk tale that was sung by roving bards who travelled from town to town to tell these stories.

This is how the epics were first told.

The language and diction in it is very beautiful.

Am glad you like it.

Aunt Najma said...

Hey Haneen,
I added you to my links, and to Iraq blog count (iraqblogcount.blogspot.com).

You're probably going to get few more visitors every day.. :)

One question, who's micho? Your sister?

emigre said...

Tried to visit the Beowulf link but Grendal has conspired against me and my browser keeps timing out.

:5 (a morbid smile)

Truth About Iraqis said...

Just noticed the morbid smile thing.

Reminds me of medical students for some reason.

Morbid Smile said...

Thaaaaaanks for visiting :)

Truth_about_iraqis, thanks for the information indeed. I'm still collecting essays and articles about Beowulf, I'llm post them as soon as possible.

Najma, Thanks for adding me to Iraq Blog Count, I saw the post and it's so nice, but you are nicer :) Thanks sis..

emigre, I'm sorry for what Grendal has done!! I'll post another link for the text.. I'm glad you liked it..

And for the Morbid Smile, it's inspired from Waiting for Godot, the tragic comedy cuz this genre has the morbid smile. I was reading this play when I started this Blog.

Thanks all for visiting :) Welcome anytime...

aNarki-13 said...

oh and beowulf is coming soon to the silverscreen me think..

hope its not another good story ruined by a stupid movie.

hm. I read a japanese tale (translated) yesterday bout sth similar, warriors and Ogres, but the ogre reclaims his cut arm and escapes till forever..hm.


Truth About Iraqis said...

Anark13 habibi!

Nice to see you still around.

I think Beowulf was made into a movie already. Wasn't Christopher Lambert in it?

CharlesWT said...

Beowulf Sails to Denmark -- Audio (.mp3) via Syd Allan -- Beowulf: Ben Slade Reads in Old English