Saturday, September 03, 2005

Nothing So Far !

It's been more than a week since last time I posted here! I was disconnected from the internet since Last Friday for sattelite updates, but then the main sattelite died! But now everything is back to normal.

Well, don't know what to write today. There is nothing new to write about except for the daily bombings and that terrible bridge disaster, and actually I don't wanna talk about it cuz it will lead to politics and I don't wanna get into that disasterous hateful subject.

My competitive exam for the M.A. application is tomorrow. In fact I'm not really interested about this one! I really feel indeferent. I don't care if I'll do well in it or not cuz all of it is a game! That's what I feel about the study in Iraq nowadays. I didn't prepare well for it, I still have till tomorrow morning to get fully ready for the exam but I don't want to! Don't know why, but this is the first time I don't care about such an important exam! Whatever.

I'm still waiting for the Fulbright result to come out. Maybe at the end of this month. I really need a good luck here, so wish me ;)
The girls were at my home for lunch last Friday. It was my turn for this month to invite them for lunch. Next month is for Saegh, the last Friday of every month. I wished if Attawie was here, we would get a reunion for our lasting-forever group.

That's for now, I should apologize that I'm not posting good stuff these days! I'm watching my traffic increases at last, I have to keep it going this way by writing some interesting things.. All is coming in the way, I promise!

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