Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Oh No !!

The countdown for the Fulbright results started today! Now I'm expecting it in any time. But one of my classmates who applied for the Fulbright with me got her result two days ago. She's not approved ! I didn't get my result yet, and so as one of the applicants. WHY?!

Farah (the classmate) called me today to ask if I got the Fulbright email. I said no, but I'm expecting it these days. She told me that she got it two days ago and she's not approved cuz she got less than 600 scores in the ITP test, and it was written in the email that the competition is so hard this year and there are almost 100 applicants, and they chose the ones whose scores are 600 and above!! They demanded only 550 scores for the TOEFL or the ITP at first.
But this is impossible, her scores are more than mine, and her graduation grades are also higher than mine!! Why didn't I get the email yet?

As I started to comapre, I remembered that she had the ITP test, not the Official TOEFL. I had the official one which was highly recommended. And maybe she scrwed up in the interviw! For me, I did pretty well.

I don't know, but I'm just trying to cling to this false hope. Mom said that maybe they sent emails to the disapproved applicants first, and maybe will send the approved ones later. Or maybe they are relooking at some application files before they give the final jugde!

I felt very sorry for her, she sounded very angry on the phone. But I can say that she still have another chance to go on with her M.A. as she's the first student in the department and she will start with her M.A. degree this year. The first student in every department has the right to get his Master degree without a competitive exam. While I'm the sixth in my department.

I hope the best will happen...

Good Night all

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Aunt Najma said...

I'll pray for you.. Good luck.