Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Thank You!

Hey all, I'm baaaaaack!! Back to normal ;)

I don't know what to write. But this time is because I'm laughing and feeling happy!

Thanks for those cool comments, friends. They really made me happy! Well, well, well... I think one of the reasons that made me kinda depressed last week waz staying up for long hours late at night. I stay up till 3:30 or 4 P.M. almost every night!!! Nothing to do except for trying to finish the dozens of emails I get from 007_iraq and surfing the net. I was obssesed with searching for mobile themes during the past two weeks!! And I found many! I even found the " Grendizer" theme and sent it to that group. I'm thinking of puting it here as well. I know we are all crazy about that cartoon :)

I think the name "Heeho" is spreading well these days! It's not my real nickname, but I invented it this way to be rhyming with "Micho" . It can't be "Hesho" for sure!!!

The result didn't come out yet. And the dream stopped coming as well ! Hmmm.

Now ANARKI you remined me! I want to count my email accounts :) I think I have 100 accounts.

The first one was haneen841.... I signed up for it in the end of the year 2003. And then I made the same ID on Hotmail in order to use Msn messenger.
Then there was magic_carbet_h in March or April 2004. I got fed out with the spam attack on my first ID and I hated useing the msn. I wrote "carpet" as "carbet" cuz I was too lazy to go check it in the dictionary at that time.
In July 2004, the day before the operation I had. I made mesopotamiah on hotmail. I added the "h" at the end cuz the ID was not available.
Then two months after the operation, I made millehoney. This is the official one for the current time! "mille" means "honey" in French but there is a spelling mistake in it and I just kept it as it is cuz I didn't want to add numbers to the ID as I did with my first one.
Another one, millehoney@gmail. This one is just for fun! There are some other accounts here and there on Iraq.net and Iraq4u.com

How many so far?!

Dear Kid, I bet that everyone is waiting to see your guitar's photos. Yalla, post it soon.

Hey Najma, how is school going? I also check your blog to read your new posts. God I really miss school. Not to study of course, but for fun :)

I really thank you all for leaving comments here. In fact I never expected that anyone would comment !

They say online friends do much :)

I'll go try a way to upload the theme to the blog..

Good Night my friends, God save you all.


aNarki-13 said...

hey there Heeho..

if u want THE definitive mobile sites on the internet (to the best of my knowledge) check out

Mobango and Mobile9

also try Kokowawa! its not as good as those two, but its ok.. if u need anything cellphone wise, tell me, i might have it! cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Said from Morocco

Grendizer took me to your block lol

I was looking for the theme in

arabic. Hopefully Iv found it ;)

U can find it here :


I even watched some episodes though Im not that little lol

Well Grendizer remind me of Iraqi Fighters against the invaders (The Americans), and the UFO's creatures
remind me of those who are fighting besides the Americans (Vega Vega the monster)...

Long live to the Iraqi Fighters....