Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Classmate

Now you all wonder who is A.H.!

He is a classmate of mine at college, or let us say he "was" as now I am a graduate! I found this photo I made about during our graduation and decided to post it here to remember happy college days. He was surrounded by girls all the time! Although he doesn't seem to be that type of guys that girls stay around all the time... but he was extremely funny and makes jokes all the time... and about everyone in the department and outside the department as well..

I remember after the war, A. and Attawie were stuck to some phrases from that Iraqi CD "3fareet Al Montaj" .. Maybe some Iraqis remeber it by now! They were talking in the same way of that CD all the time.. A. would say " Cha ma takil flafil ?!".. till the end of the converation, and the Attawie would add " Lo 9'ala khea6a a7senli ! "

Well I think now everyone of you is asking what the hell I'm talking about, and what are those weird lines!! Sorry but I won't translate ;)

But why did I make this photo? ... A. liked to tease all the students when it came to taking photos. He would suddenly jump in front of the camera and reuin the photo. He is not a mean person, but he did it for fun.. and no one actually complained of this. Untill one day I got fed up with his jokings, especially about the girls.. and I decided to revenge on him for the girls in the department. And by the way, the girls were many more than the guys in my department.. So you can guess how a cruel revenge would it be!!

And since he liked to tease the other students with his games of jumping in front of the camera, I decided to revenge in the same way. I took some photos for him, some he knew about and others were taken behind his back.. ( what a devil I could be sometimes!! ).. And untill the graduation party I told him that I had a big surprize for him... I told him that with a devilish smile on my face! He doubted that I would d0 something but he dared me that I can't !!!

Girls can do hell !

One morning after the graduation party, I went to college as usual. I took out a big sheet of paper and hanged it on the classroom's door. ( we still have small classrooms in my college!)..
So what was that paper about?.. It contained some photos for A., arranged and edited by Photopshop. I collected some photos for him, the funny ones mainly, and put them together and wrote under it " A.H., Wanted! "

I hanged it on the door so that everyone can see it. A. was late that day.. I said this is better so he would come and sit in his chair which is located directly in front of the door... and he would see his surprize!

We were having a lecture in poetry the moment he came. He sat in his place. He noticed that everyone was looking at him and smiling! But he didn't know why. Then he raised his head and looked ahead... He saw the photo at last.... He looked at it, then turned his face........ then looked again!......... and then again not believeing that this was him in the photo!!
His face turned totally red ! I couldn't help laughing and F. was sitting beside me telling me not to laugh! but we both laughed and looked at him. He knew at that time that it was me who did it !

Till after the lecture.. he was laughing at himself in the photos and kept asking me when and where did I take those photos! I said nothing for him except " this is the revenge of every photo you reuined! " Of course I said it laughing! But he kept remembering it with resentment !! And I also kept reminding him of what I did to him whenever he was trying his games of jumping in front of the cameras or freaking out the girls ! .. He also used to sneak behind anyone and says
" Boooooo" in that person's ear which made all scream.

Now he's engaged to his girlfriend Alaa. They both applied for the M.A. studies at college, but I heard that he quit the plan cuz he didn't have time to prepare for the competative exam, and also cuz he didn't like to continue with the M.A.

Good Old Days!

Note: I am trying to post the photo but there are some errors occuring during the upload procces! I will try Hello or Picasa to upload it.. The photo might be here by midnight.


attawie said...

I remember Ali.. he is really a funny guy.. we used to have fun together..
I lent his girlfriend Marlow's dr faustus and she never gave it back to me.. i hope she read it.
"lu dhala 7'ayata huaya a7sn li"

Morbid Smile said...

Marlowe!! So you never forgot about that book, ha?! In fact I don't think that she can read Old English anyway!