Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Room Sweet Room!

Room Sweet Room!

Today I’m using the new feature of Blogger for Word “Blogger for Word
Now you can use Blogger from within Microsoft Word with our free Blogger for Word add-on.”

I’m back to my roooooom at last!!  I abandoned my room since last May when the weather started to be “boiling” in Baghdad. I continued changing my sleeping places between the living room and the house’s roof! It’s normal in Baghdad that you sleep on the roof during summer when there is no electricity.

But since the weather is changing to fall, it became tolerable to go back to sleep upstairs. So I start cleaning the room after lunch time and finished just short time ago. Amazingly, the electricity was on from ten in the morning until 7 P.M. for the first time in 2005!!!!! I used to miss F.R.I.E.N.D.S. everyday cuz of the stupid electricity schedule. But today I could watch it finally (

I turned the room upside down and cleaned it. I had to wash all of my childhood toys cuz they were dusty after all of those sandstorms that hit Baghdad during summer. I will take a picture of the toys and post it here after they dry. I made a new space for the new books on the books shelf along with the other books I have. I might take a picture for this too.

Shushu is here tonight; she’ll spend the night with Micho and me and go back to her home tomorrow.

Well, don’t know what to write for tonight! I just wanted to try this new feature and see if it’s good or not.

Peace All and Good Night…


Aunt Najma said...

OHHH, this is getting scary! Today, I finally moved to my room upstairs which I left since summer, too!!

But I didn't clean up.. I think I'll do that tomorrow, I need to make space and make my room ideal for studying.. An important year is on the way :)

Treasure of Baghdad said...

Hey, nice blog !! I am so impressed. The first thing that drew my attention is Beolf and the other thing is returning back to ur room. It was the same thing I did yesterday. Hehehehe!!! When u have time, check my blog. It's

Aunt Najma said...

So, we all moved to our rooms in the same day :) Now, that's funny :D

Morbid Smile said...

I guess that everyone is going back room!! Let's all shout "ROOM SWEET ROOM"
It's awesome to go back room!

I'm sorry I forgot to answer your question Najma. Yes Micho is my sister, the only sister I have. No brothers.

You have a nice blog baghdadtreasure, I'll link to you :)