Monday, September 05, 2005

An Exam in a Ferrnace!!

Hey all over there..

I hope that there are some people who are still reading my blog without feeling bored ! I just sometimes don't know what to write! I had this compatetive exam for M.A. Course Entrance. It was one of the most disgusting exams ever! I know that I said I don't care about it and I feel almost depressed cuz I know I won't get the M.A. here.. And I still feel indefference about it..

Now let's talk about the circumstances which the exam was held under and what made the exam so YUCKY.. ( how to spell this word anyway!)... Whatever.

I got to college at 8:45 in the morning exactly. I was supposed to be there by 8:15 but Abbas, the driver, was late as usual ! So I headed to the post office directly to check my P.O.Box... And ....... GUESS WHAT.... I received the package of books from New York at laaaaaaaaaaast ! BUT, the package was not in the college post office, there was only a small sheet of paper with my name and the Box number written on. I was told that I should go to Baghdad Post Office and receive my package from there... I'll go tomorrow maybe.

This package is from an American lady from New York whom I met in O. Group, and once I was talking to her about books as I do all the time! And one day she asked me if I can receive a package cuz she want to collect books and send them to me...

Enough for the package, back to the exam...

The exam was supposed to start at 9:30, but the time was elapsing and non of the Higher Studies professors or the Headmaster showed up! We asked the secretary about the place of the exam and she said coldly " I don't know, go ask others!"

We finally decided to have the exam at Al-Idreesy Hall.. It was dark with no windows and no electricity!! Hell of applicants were locked up in this oven!!!
We were told that there would be three questions, two general question about the language and comprehension, and a third question about the main major ( Literature or Linguistics) In my case it's for sure LITERATURE!! But the news came shocking as Pro. Al Jawadi who was in charge of the exam said that plans were changed and the exam is out of 50 instead of 30, and that the questions are so prolonged so that unelligeble students will be excluded easily!! We all screamed at that time!!!

For some moments I thought of backing off and leaving the hall for good ! I asked Farah who was sitting beside me if she wanted to go out! She said " I know this terrible weather inside the room is making you crazy, and I know that you are way desperate, but hey don't lose your mind! We are playing a game here that we are having an exam!" ....... O.K. I just found out that I wasn't the only one who was going insane in that "FERRNACE".

Three hours passed like three years! I kept writing and writing. Most of the quesions were about novels ( GOOOOOOOOD) One of the questions was " Choose one novel that you studied during your undergraduate study and write a short critical essay about it, without forgetting to mention the elements of Plot, Theme and Charecterization" ......

Peace of cake! I picked up my favourite book "Wuthering Heights" which I took in my thrisd stage and talked about it... Well' it's true that the novel professor of the third stage had left a bad impact on us cuz she wasn't good enough to be a novel professor, but this didn't stop my love for this specific novel itself. The pro. didn't explain it well to us, and she even skipped some important scenes sometimes!! What to do, that's the way of education these days! So promising,ha?!

The end of the exam: I finished writing at 12:30. Abbas was waiting since 11:30..I flew out of the room as fast as I could to breathe some fresh air. I saw the other Farah in the corridor with her father, we talked for few minutes and then I went back home.

Hot, filthy, dusty, dark, almost damp examination hall... This description is not even enough for that ferrnace! Wow, what good circumstances for an exam!..... Any volunteers?!

I kept laughing all day long at what I did today. This exerience will make me hate all the exams from now on. I know I won't be accepted cuz the sompetition is strong ( not talking about the was6at ) huh! And with the extra students who came from other universites and cities! It's going to be ironic indeed.

So much for now, I'll go watch Gangs of New York.. I know it's kinda old, but there is nothing else on..

Good Night


aNarki-13 said...

Good luck friend.. thanx for dropping by.

richsanter said...

what did you think about gangs of new york? i thought it was one of the worst movies i had ever seen.